“Young Socialists, we want to defend ‘life in pink’ for future generations and give meaning to the struggles of the left”


towhen The Socialist Party Congress has just endedits youth organization is about to open, from 1any Until April 2nd in Lille (North). Damaged by the scandals of the past, and often plagued by the power games inspired by our elders, our organization today must continue its reform and complete its transformation with even greater gusto than it does today.

While the Young Socialists have historically been at the forefront of the ideological battles waged by the socialist family, today we deplore the lack of ambition and the sometimes extremely cowardly or even shocking vision of the battles we must fight. Bringing together comrades from all the guiding texts of the Socialist Party that represent true regional diversity, our militant group Le Poing social, which presents La Vie en rose, wishes to launch a radical change at the head of our movement, by defending the powerful ideas that we wish to put forward in public debate.

If we do not recognize ourselves in the radicalism of the positions and the excesses of some, very present today in the political field, we do not advocate a certain radical thought, necessary to defend “life in pink” for future generations and to give meaning to the battles waged by the left, above all for democratic renewal the necessary.

Blank recognition of the vote

We socialists cannot believe in a providential man, or providential woman, who will come to the rescue of the country. So we will campaign to recognize blank voting and to ban balloting one year before the election. We will also implement the proposal to establish a government digital platform to collect citizens’ grievances.

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Our democratic requirements also apply to the business world: we will campaign to increase the proportion of salaried employees on boards of directors in order to develop a culture of co-management. Secondly, we want to develop a truly grassroots environment, by creating social, environmental and food security. A system of advances and reimbur*****t of some expenses, to be financed by the appropriation of tax revenue, can be conceived.

We must also encourage the replication of local experiences on social food security, which are based on the cooperative model, to fight food insecurity and recreate citizen solidarity. We will also campaign for the development of free public transport, relying on the elected socialists who are already carrying out this measure on their lands.

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