You will be able to copy the text from the image or meme on WhatsApp


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You will be able to copy the text from the image or meme on WhatsApp

While chatting on WhatsApp, people share a meme or an image with each other. Some of the pictures have lines written on them. It can contain a joke, an idea or a poem. People write the lines written in these photos to avoid sharing them. This may take longer to do. While sharing images on WhatsApp, you can get facility to copy text. Previous people used to get help from Google Lens to separate text from any image. But now users can also do it directly on WhatsApp.

How to copy text from image on WhatsApp

After releasing the tax disclosure feature first for Apple iPhone and iOS users, Meta is now preparing to release it soon for Android and other iOS devices. To copy text from an image on WhatsApp, it must first be inserted into the app. Next you can see a button called Text Detection. By clicking on it and after copying the text, you can share it with anyone by pasting it in the chat section.

You will not be able to copy text from image on WhatsApp in this case

According to WABetaInfo, the meta will allow copying text from images on WhatsApp version 23.5.77 for Apple iOS. Subsequently, there are plans to roll out this feature to other operating systems as well. All users will be able to use it easily. The WhatsApp text detection feature cannot be used with only one condition. Show once WhatsApp text detection buttons will not appear while sending or receiving images.

Apart from WhatsApp, you can also get help from these apps

Apart from copying text from images on WhatsApp, you can take help from Google Lens and Google Translate apps. Currently, users copy text from any photo or meme through this app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. In this, after clicking on the images of anything, the text copy feature is available. Apart from this, you can also copy the text by inserting the image already in this app.

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