“You are not afraid of burning, but you will also burn”: the shocking message of Christophe B. Who wanted to drag the gendarmes with him to death


Three gendarmes were injured in the blast. scorcom/stock.adobe.com

a novel – He was killed in the explosion of his house, and the 38-year-old man had set a trap for the soldiers who came to arrest him. One of them’s vital prognosis was still busy on Friday.

Wednesday, Christophe P., 38, died in the explosion at his home in La Chapelle, a small town in Allier. He breathed willingly when the gendarmes arrived at his house. Three of the seven soldiers who came to arrest him that day were seriously wounded. “I’m not afraid of burnout, but you’ll get burned, tooHe announced in a video posted a few hours ago on social networks.

Two days after the tragedy, there was no longer any doubt about premeditation. It was Christophe B. Double goal: to kill himself and drag to death those gendarmes who, in his eyes, embody this justice that he hates. This unemployed former mechanic, who has been convicted several times, particularly for acts of driving under the influence or acts of violence, has accused the courts of “to ruin his lifeEspecially to prevent him from getting close to his son. He broke up with his partner for several years, and has not seen his son for 6 years…

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