Yoon: Nine people were accused of kidnapping and imprisoning a young man who had just received an inheritance


The victim had told his dealer that he had inherited several tens of thousands of euros. The latter then kidnapped, kidnapped and beat him with the help of eight other individuals.

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Auxerre (Yon).  (google maps)

Nine young men were arrested and convicted on Wednesday March 15th and Thursday March 16th in Auxerre, according to reports on Friday March 17th. France Bleue Auxerre. They are suspected of kidnapping, kidnapping and beating a young man who had just received an inheritance.

The 22-year-old victim told his dealer that he had inherited a few tens of thousands of euros. Then the merchant surrounded himself with eight more people and decided to kidnap him. On January 26, near the hospital center of Auxerre, they forcibly put the victim in a car, blindfolded him and stuck a knife in his thigh. They locked him in an apartment in the town of Saint-Florentine, about thirty kilometers north of Auxerre. The kidnappers tied the victim up and beat him. They managed to extract his bank details and transfer the money.

The kidnappers took money from his victim

The young man took advantage of the moment of inattention, and managed to escape and take refuge with a woman who opened the door for him and summoned the gendarmes. Before being arrested, the suspects squandered part of their loot in the shops of Auxerre.

Four of them were referred to the public prosecutor’s office in Auxerre on Wednesday 15 March. Five were presented on Thursday 16 March to the examining magistrate. All of them were charged with kidnapping and forced imprisonment. Three of them were placed under an arrest warrant and one under judicial control.


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