Now take some help from yoga to reduce belly fat. Hopefully, we all don’t like that extra belly fat that doesn’t allow us look pretty. Do we? Certainly NO but if your answer is a yes then how about the extra mile the fats go to causing you some diseases? Think of that too. The extra fats are indisputably dangerous. Lets not give the little that have accumulated any more time in our bodies before they get too dangerous pals.

Owning that well sculpt and alluring torso you previously admired needs some little task folks. There is an array of exercises, all of which claim to reduce such fats. Some just sound rah rah… about what they claim to do but can never do anything worthy of note. You probably know that. Leave them alone. I am here to help you.

To article you of the best yoga poses, just 7 of them, but the most recommended ones that will properly sculpt that belly to a flat, sexy-looking one. If that is what you really want, move on with me.

1. The Superman Pose

Lie on your stomach facing down and extend your forelimbs in your front. Lift both your hands and legs off the ground. Just lift them both as high as you can. Maintain yourself in that position for as long as you can too.

Note: Let your core hold you on that posture solely.

2. The Plank Pose

With your hands just a shoulder-width apart, let them withstand your weight, with the help of your legs in the face-down position. Ensure that your butt keeps in a straight line with your heels and shoulders.

That’s it! Hold in that position for as long as two minutes to achieve a single round’s standard requirement. Be sure you concentrate on tightening your core muscles while you hold in that position.

3. Camel Hinge Pose

Kneel down, keeping both your legs parallel to your hops, though folded at the knee due to that kneeling. Extend your hands in front of you with your palms facing the ground. Lift your chest as you lean backwards a bit, with your pelvis pressed forward. Do all this while arching a bit through the lower part of your back.

Relax for a while in that position as you enlarge your chest more.
Keep down your rib cage as you draw your belly button dragged right into your spine. Reinstate to your original posture and repeat this again and again. See if you can do 10.

4. The Warrior III Pose

Stand firm and simply raise high and straight both your arms. Keeping your arms tightly raised, lean forward as you raise just one of your legs too. Keep yourself tight using strength.

Now, keep balanced in that position, not using your legs but your core. Let your core do the balancing. Maintain for as long as possible and switch sides again.

5. Lotus Hip Lift Pose

Sit with your legs crossed and palm pressing onto the ground just beside your either hips. Draw in your abs, I mean shrink them in while pressing down on the ground with an attempt to lift your hips off the ground.

I am talking of “in an attempt to lift” because I know some might not manage lifting their hips completely. No matter the case, just press harder and harder on the ground in that attempt until you feel you can do it no more. Hold in that pose for around 3 counts. That is one round. Repeat severally until you can’t take it anymore.

6. Tree Pose

Stand upright but only on the left leg. Lift your right knee so that you are able to press onto your left knee using the bottom of your right foot by its side facing the left leg. Let your hands rest on the right knee. Keep tight your abs and stay in that pose for 10 good breaths.

7. The Stacked Side Plank Pose

Balance on one of your arms and one leg on that arm’s side. Make sure you use your abs to balance, rather than your hand. Keep your knees very straight. Your hips should be off the ground, forming a straight line with your ankles and shoulders.

Lift straight the other arm and breathe deeply. Hold for a minute. Shift sides. That’s it.


So you know now how you can add yoga to reduce belly fat in your daily life. I was tired of biting my tongue with the secret I have now brought out from behind the closed door and I feel relieved since I know I have educated someone. It is your turn now. Make a move to try them out. You will certainly cherish the day you actually came across such an article. Be blessed.