Yoga for women can cure illness and slow the aging process on a body past 40. For women over 40, yoga can bring in their life grace and joy. As women grow older, yoga can add a focus on breathing and joint health. Among the reasons to practice yoga in your 40s are: improving spinal health, maintaining flexibility and muscular tone, and keeping your mind clear sharp and focused.

Women over 40 have to manage most often families and careers. Yoga can also help them better manage the stress in their life.

Below are 13 yoga poses that are most suitable for women over 40.

1. Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is easy to perform, being suitable for beginners and women over 40. You start by standing tall with shoulders relaxed and keeping your feet close together. Your weight should be evenly distributed through your sides, arms and soles. Raise your hands overhead with arms straight and your palms parallel facing each other, while taking a deep breath. Reach with your fingertips up toward the sky.

2. Bridge pose

This yoga pose stretches glutes, hamstrings, and front of body. It also deepens your breath, opens the ribcage and chest, and re-energizes your body with more oxygen.

3. Warrior II

This pose stretches chest, inner thighs, hips, abdomen, quadriceps, and shoulders. It is a powerful pose that can grant you a firmer core as well as toned and long legs and arms.

4. Spinal Flex Pose

Because of being so simple to perform, this yoga pose can be a suitable way to start your yoga session. This pose will help you maintain a breathing steady pace. You start the pose by sitting with your legs folded and apart on the floor, with the soles touching. Brace your feet with hands together or relax your arms onto your lap. Inhale deeply, then exhale while rounding your shoulders. As you breath out, slowly drop your chin forward. You may repeat the pose a couple times, increasing gradually your breathing and pace.

5. Child’s Pose

The Child’s Pose can be easily incorporated in any routine, being a basic pose. The pose can help relieve lower back tightness, as well as open the hips.

6. Downward Facing Dog

This simple yoga pose can increase the upper body’s strength, as well as enhance blood circulation. The pose is also helpful in stretching the spine, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

13 Yoga Poses For Women Over 40

7. Moving Cat Cow

You start this yoga pose with a straight back and on all fours. Your thighs and knees should be kept perpendicular to the floor and your arms should be vertical to your shoulders. Your head should gently rise toward the ceiling and forward while inhaling. Keep your shoulders down and your back curved. Pull inward your head and do the reverse while exhaling.

8. Plank Pose

The yoga pose is commonly part of yoga sessions. It is effective, yet simple. The pose is particularly used to help improving the strength of the upper body. It works most of the big muscles groups in the back, shoulders and arms.

9. Fierce Pose

This standing yoga pose is used to strengthen the back, knees, and ankles. The pose is also used to help stretch the spine.

10. Tree Pose

This yoga pose combines meditational and physical aspects in yoga. It is among those poses that create an inner focus or center and helps calm the mind. From a physical point of view, the pose stretches the hips and strengthens your spine and legs.

11. Boat Pose

The Boat Pose can successfully replace exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. This yoga pose works the core and abs without straining the neck.

12. Garland Pose

The pose is an effective mean in strengthening the ankles and stretching the hips and lower back. This yoga pose can also help relieve menstrual cramps and constipation.

13. Half Lord of the Fishes

This yoga pose can be effective in increasing blood flow, strengthening your spine, stretching the hips, neck, back, and shoulders, and improving digestion. It can also help relieve lower back tension.


Yoga allows women over 40 to bond with a community, try something new, and have something to look forward. It comes with great side effects for their health, and can spice up their exercise routine. With yoga, women over 40 can stay flexible, fit and full of energy. We home that our list will help you choose the best poses for you.