Have you ever tried yoga for flat tummy.There are fats almost everywhere in our bodies. They are biologically useful for the body’s functioning. However, too much of something remains to be dangerous! Too much fat in the body, more so around our bellies, puts us at risk of diseases and various body malfunction complications.

There’s need to reduce the amounts of fat accumulated in our bodies, especially around the belly. The effects of fat around the belly are ussualy more pronounced than of fat in any other part of the body. The belly fat is also dubbed “stubborn belly fat” to imply that doing away with it is quite burdensome. It is also the main reason for the odious belly bulge. But with these 8 yoga asanas, getting your dream flat belly is made too easy. Moreover, apart from just giving you a desirable shape, you also get to be stronger and more flexible. See them below.

1. Mountain Pose (also the Tadasana)

This pose is mainly used for warm-up.

To do this, start by standing upright, feet kept flat on the ground and in contact with one another. Keep your hands by your sides with your palms facing back at you. Then extend your hands in front of you, bringing palms close to one another. Now breathe in deeply and stretch your spine. Then fold your hands a bit and raise then above your head and stretch to your maximum.

Next, lift yourself up to stand on toes. You can as well keep your feet flat, but lift your face up the ceiling. Hold in that pose for 20 seconds and lower back to normal. Pause for 10 seconds and repeat again, this time increasing the counts. That’s all of it.

2. Cobra Pose (also the Bhujangasana)

To get rid of those day in your belly and strengthen your ab muscles, this is the ideal yoga asana.

With palms facing down, slowly raise your upper body off the floor so that you face upwards. Hold for 20 seconds, lower back and repeat again and again.

3. Plank Pose (also known as Kumbhakasana)

It trains your hands, legs and abs. So by training your abs, you lose that stubborn fat and snap into shape.

Let’s do it.

Stary by lying on the yoga mat face-down. Lift yourself off the floor by pressing up against tour palms. Balance on your toes. You can face down or forward. That’s the plank pose. Stay in that posture for as long aayou can.

4. Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Begin by kneeling down on the yoga mat. Arch your back and extend your hands to touch and hold onto your heels. That’s it! Stay in that position for around 30 seconds, pause a bit and repeat more times.

The asana seems simple but I promise you that it will not spare those fat in your belly.

5. Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Apart from your belly muscles, your calf and thighs will also get toned with this pose.

To do it, start by simply standing on the yoga mat. Unite your palms and place both arms in your front or up. Bend your legs simultaneously at the knees to lower your butt as if you are sitting on a chair. Tighten your abs in that process. Hold for 20 seconds. Return to the starting pose and repeat again.

6. Boat Pose (Naukasana)

Start by sitting on the yoga mat. Now balance on your buttocks with both hands and legs stretched in the air in a way that a 45angle is formed at your hips. At this point, you must be trembling. That is when you are doing the right thing – practically burning that belly fat for a flat tummy.

7. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

At a glance, you will despise this asana. However, it is one of the most effective methods of burning fat all over your body, including belly fat. It tightens your belly thus reducing that tummy into a sexy one.

It simply involves lying face-up and keeping your body as straight as possible.

8. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

The bow pose is ostensibly hard to do. But, you should only start from what you can do, as long as your attempts are heading towards a bow shape. Practice makes perfect.

To do it, lie on your stomach and on the yoga mat at the start. Arc your hands backwards to hold your feet. Keeping your hands attached to the feet, pull yourself backwards until you can no longer pull. Day by day, try to make an advancement by pulling at least an inch further.

I has a lot of benefits on your body, ranging from your chest, arms, legs and most importantly on the abs. It can also cure kidney disorders!


Attending a yoga class few minutes a day will help you to a great extent. Yoga has been in practice for a long time and that is exactly why it is preferred for contracting our bellies. However, my advise is that you should always consult your doctor for permission before getting down to any exercise to avoid further possible complications. Good luck!