Yoga for core strength is the origin of your power. Yes! It’s like your engine. I mean the place where your strength, flexibility and balance, which are the three most pronounced functions of your core, springs from. If you were never aware of that, now you are. So? It’s now obvious that with a stronger core, you will have the best of flexibility, balance and strength. I didn’t even have to say that. If you are one of those who regularly does some exercise, you can bear me witness about the above.

A strong core comes along with a lot of benefits. Remember, you only get a strong core by doing some specific exercises and such exercises are the ones responsible for the benefits I’m talking about. We will not take a deep look at those benefits, but the notorious six pack and toned abs are just a sample of them.

Today, I want to provide you with the 8 most sought exercises to build a stronger core. You will definitely like them! Are you still with me? Let’s move on together then.

1. The Dolphin Pose

Apart from just your core, the dolphin pose also strengthens all your limbs.

Start in the plank pose. Let your forearms support you from the top. By this mean, your shoulders should be above your elbows as your palms rest on the floor. Now lift your hips higher until there’s about 45 degrees formed between your upper and lower body. Lower you heels onto the floor. That is now the dolphin pose pals. Take a deep breath. Stay in that position for at least 8 breaths.

2. The Forearm Stand Pose

With this pose, all you do is turning yourself upside down and staying in that position as if you were standing up straight. Turn upside down with your body resting on your forearm. Balance in this position for as long as possible, trying to use your core to obtain and maintain the balance. You can use a friend to help you set yourself in this position at the start.

3. Scale Pose

Sit down and cross your legs. You can sit in the lotus pose if you know it. By tge side of your sit bones, let your palms rest on tge ground. As you keep your core engaged, press the ground firmly using your palms as you lift your hips. Once off the ground, hold just a bit and repeat again.

4. The Side Plank Variation

Set yourself in the side plank position to start. Stretch the bottom leg and the arm at the top to your front. Keep them as horizontal as possible. Hug your muscles to bone. Stay here for as long as you can. You shall have engaged your hands, legs and all core muscles with this exercise. That is our primary aim.

5. L Leg Lifts

Lay down face-down and bring in your knees towards your chest. Keeping an almost-right angle at your waist, lift your legs straight. Keep your legs together as though it was one. With your arms, stretch them straight to the sides, palms facing down and keep them as straight as possible. Tighten your lower belly around the stomach as you inhale. As you engage your core, lower your legs to the floor and towards the left. Return them to the centre, keeping your core tight and using your palms to anchor the movement. Do 10 for each side.

6. Upward Facing Dog

Lie down prone and keep your body as straight as possible. Kwwp your arms in front. Now, as if you want to rise, set your palms on the floor as they face forward on front of you. Using the top of your feet and your palms, lift your chest as yoj keep your shoulder blades together. Lift higher untill your thighs are also off the floor and arms straight. Stay in that pose for at least 8 breaths.

7. The Crow Pose

Set yourself into the Malasana pose. Now keep tour palms in touch with the floor as you raise your hips. In that process, bring back your arms as they approach your glutes, shoulders brought under knees. As you lower your tummy into between tour thighs, form a right angle at your elbows.

Raise your feet off the ground as you shift your weight to your hands. Get stable. Straighten your legs so that they become parallel to the ground.

8. Sunbird Pose

Be in a tabletop pose. Now keep your hips above your knees and your shoulders right above your wrist. Stretch your opposite arm and leg. Make sure you lengthen (stretch long). Using your hand, push up your shoulder. Stay there until you get exhausted.


So we have gone through yoga for core strength article.This knowledge is very essential. But the knowledge alone will not give you that strong core. Put the knowledge into practice and see if you will not get what you want in just a few weeks. I wish you good luck as you proceed to make a strong core for yourself. Stay informed too.