Yoga for belly fat includes 8 poses that will not only help you to lose weight but it will also help you to improve your overall health. Yoga has got a common misconception that it is only for women when in actual fact it is also done by men and can be hugely beneficial for both sexes, especially those hunting for those evasive abdominal muscles.

Below is a list of 8 poses to help you achieve that sexy flat stomach you have always wanted.

1. Tree Pose

To do this you will just hold your hands in front of your chest in the classic praying stance while you raise either of your legs and rest the flat of your foot as high up on your inner thigh as you possibly can, you may use your hand to help position it.

2. Hero Pose With A Lift

Take a seat on the floor with your knees together and sit on your feet, as you exhale lift yourself up onto your knees raising your arms above your head as you do so, then return to original position and lower hands to your sides once again.

3. Boat Pose

You start flat on your back with your legs together and arms at your sides, lift your upper body up off the ground at the same time as your legs, trying to keep your body perfectly straight and reach your hands out towards your toes.

Yoga Poses For Belly Fat

4. Stacked Side Plank

You begin by lying on your side, I’m not fussy on which side, put your elbow on the floor in line with your shoulder and then raise your body up, raising your other arm straight up at your side, hold for as long as you can or until your elbow or shoulder begins to take strain.

5. Windshield Wiper Pose

You begin flat on your back with your feet together and arms out next to your body as stabilizers, raise your legs up 90 degrees with your body and move them side to side as low as you dare to go, you can do about 10 a side when starting out.

6. Knee To Nose Pose

Starting out in push up position, lift your legs inward towards your head while arching your back as if you are trying to kiss your knees, take turns alternating between your legs while monitoring your breathing, for people starting out about 10 repetitions a side is ideal.

7. Rock Up To Standing

Starting off lying on your back with your knees tucked against your chest you begin to rock until you have enough momentum to rock onto your feet and into the standing position, it is quite tough on your core when starting out so you can use your arms to assist when starting out.

Once you no longer need your hands to lift up onto your feet you should be able to tell the difference in core strength as it requires quite a bit of it.

8. Warrior Lunge Twist

Starting out standing upright with your hands in a prayer pose, step forward with one of your right leg to about a 90 degree angle and twist your upper body until your left elbow is on the outside of your right knee, straighten up and repeat with the opposite arm and leg, this exercise also tones your oblique muscles which are notoriously difficult to tone.


So there you have your complete yoga for belly fat, guaranteed to work all those problem areas and with enough perseverance transform your body into the new you, Good luck.