Having a workout plans for women at home is not hard at all. Losing weight, especially in women, is a cumbrous process. If you’re asking yourself why, I’ve got the answer. Women do not have a proper weight loss guide to stick to.

Getting a workout plan that women will find easy to abide by isn’t just as simple as shooting fish in a barrel. No one has ever come up with a comprehensive and/or effective guide. I’m here today because I’ve got one! But that’s not the only news.

My guide can be conveniently used by women at home. Make sure that you follow the guide to the end and make it practical if you really need to whip your body onto the shape you’ve always desired to have.

Day 1. Start With Cardio

Start With Cardio

Cardiovascular exercises are always the best to kick start your weight loss journey. The cardio exercises are second to none in terms of warming your blood. They are also the simplest exercises of all. They range all the way from walking, swimming, biking, running, jogging, to many others. You should always aim for at least a 40-minute cardio for day 1.

Day 2. Do Some At – Home Beginner Ab Exercises

Do Some At - Home Beginner Ab Exercises

The next thing you should do is to target your abs. You just warmed your blood the previous day and you have some motivation. You can work out your abs to try melting away the stubborn fat. The beginner’s ab exercises will make you get the necessary motivation to “keep it up” in your next ab exercises. It can involve a few reps of pushups.

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Day 3. High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is the best for weight loss. It is an interval training routine that involves high intensity workouts. It involves doing some “hard” exercises, with almost no resting time between the different forms of workouts. Of late, this has been proved to be the best fat-blaster.

Day 4. Time To Target Your Arms

Time To Target Your Arms

Women’s arms are fond of holding some fat in them. The fat can be melted away by doing some arm-specific workouts. They can include planks, the inchworm workouts, pushups, and tricep dips among others. Choose one, do it on the fourth day in the first week. In the following week, you can do the other.

Day 5. Time To Target Your Back

 Time To Target Your Back

The waist lining also has some fat, mostly in women’s bodies. There are exercises that can target your back to help the body in the process of burning those fat. This helps in losing weight. Exercises like the seated rowing, bent over rows, and the Superman can excellently serve the purpose.

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Day 6. Repeat Cardio

Repeat Cardio

On day 6, you simply need to repeat doing some cardio, but not specifically the exact one that you did on the first day. Change the type. If you jumped the rope on the first day, be on the road on day 6. Run, walk, or jog up the hill.

Day 7. Lift Some Weight

Lift Some Weight

This is the last day of the week. I advise that you lift some light weight for the start, but if you are a senior, continue with the weight amounts you had been lifting. Lifting the weights works your shoulders and arms. It is another exercise that doesn’t go easy on the fats.

Bonus Tip: Eat Clean

 Eat Clean

Make sure that you balance your diet. Remember that even if you want to lose the fats, you don’t need to cut down eating more. Eat more proteins as well.

Bottom Line

The plan is clear, highly effective, simple, and cheap. Be sure that you choose the best exercise that fits you among the listed ones. Take care not to hurt yourself! You are a winner!

Good Luck!