Wooden spoon for Italy, defeated in Scotland in the tournament


Until the end, Italy believed in a miracle, penalty after penalty touch in front of the Scottish goal in the dying moments. But, sheer ruthlessness, Douhan van der Merwe’s rounded counter-attack from twenty-two meters wide pushed opener Blair Kinghorn into the Italian goal, testing the Caledonians’ attacking reward and thus ensuring third place in the standings while the Transalpine side, morally ruined, scooped up the spoon. The twelfth wooden in its history in the tournament.

Interesting ending

The Italian’s performance at Murrayfield was top notch because when it came time to head back to the locker room at halftime it was Michel Lamaro’s teammates (12-6). Admittedly, they conceded two attempts but the slight difference in the outcome gave them a glimpse of the possibility of success. Scotland, without genius, had scored the first of their four tries that day by Van der Merwe (13) who, at wing end, displayed his talents as a stuntman.

Then it was the turn of opener Blair Kinghorn (30), replacing an injured and losing Finn Russell, to score after a long period of dominance between the 19th and 29th. Until Italy is hampered by a double numerical deficiency after the yellow card of the right column Marco Riccione (29). With winger Jesse out to allow substitute Pietro Ciccarelli in, the Italians left Kinghorn to maneuver their defence.

In the second half, Kinghorn planted his dual personality (44) in power. But after the hour mark, the Nacional suddenly rekindled, leveling the score (19-14) through opener Tommaso Allan, who scored a try (62), and Paolo Garbisi (66), who scored from the penalty spot. Then came the end of the game during which Scotland prepared themselves in front of their own goal before launching an attack in grand style, concluding with a hat-trick three-quarters of everything, Blair Kinghorn, the perfect substitute who became the man of the match (26-14).



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