“With Jo, Zette, and Jocko, Hergé appears himself animated by a wild imagination more than Tintin.”


In 1935, Hergé was commissioned to write a series for the magazine Brave hearts Depicting the adventures of a French family. The creator of Tintin imagines Jo, Zette, Jocko, two children, their parents, and monkey Jocko. They will live five adventures gathered today in one volume, updated. Casterman/Hergé/Tintinimaginatio 2023

there Status BD – Casterman reissues the five adventures of these characters for the first time in one album created by the master of The Blur Line. Benoit Moschart resolves the timeless modernity of these remastered stories.

Thunder from Brest! This is an integral part Joe, Zette and Goku It works somewhat like holding an unpublished Tintin in your hands. For ten years, this adventure family of heroes was created in 1936 by Herge (whose name was forged by the artist from the initials of his real name, Georges Remy), no longer benefits from this beautiful re-lighting. Completed and restored in color as in the care given to the Hergé line, is this album presenting the complete series.

Originally serial Joe, Zette and Goku It develops on the sidelines of The Adventures of Tintin. This is the first time that the five adventures have been combined in this wayspecifies Benoît Mouchart, who specializes in Tintin and managing editor at Casterman. “It is also the only French series by Hergé. What is this puzzle? This is simply due to the fact that since 1930, Fleurus has been publishing Tintin in Cœurs vaillants. At the end of 1935, Hergé received a visit from Abbots Courtois and Behan. They berate the reporter with a powder puff for not having parents. They ask Hergé to design a family series. Hergé does this visually “Joe, Zette and Goku”. Joe, the little boy, goes by the name of George, Hergé’s real first name. Zita also bears the youth of Hergé’s mother, Elisabeth. Finally, Jocko’s monkey was the favorite stuffed animal of Germaine, Hergé’s wife.»

On January 19, 1936, he appeared on Brave hearts Mystery Ray (which will become binary Manitoba is no longer responding And Karamako eruption). will follow The will of Mr. Pump Published in two parts, then Cobra Valley. Urgently to be rediscovered, this remarkable series by Hergé has the charm of brilliant works lifted by the fierce winds of popular fiction.

Re-read the five episodes Joe, Zette and GokuI realized that this series has more wild imagination than it does in Tintin

They built Moshart

Mad scientist, uncontrollable robot, underwater bunker, amphibious tank, volcanic eruption on a lost island, supersonic raid between Paris and New York, bizarre adventures in the land of the Maharajah, all narrative elements borrow from an adventure with a capital A, in Imitating the novels of Jules Verne.

Brother and sister, Jo is always shown wearing a red polo shirt and black Bermuda shorts. Ziti wears a blue dress over a white blouse, and her black hair is tied on either side with a red ribbon. Son and daughter of the Legrand family, with an engineer father, Joe and Zet accompanied by a tame chimpanzee, Goku, intelligent and resourceful who sometimes shimmers like Snowy.

Re-read all five episodes at once “Jo, Zette and Jocko,” Benoit Moschart stated, I realize this series has more of a wild imagination than Tintin. Joe and Zet are always kidnapped by villains, the parents are constantly grieving, but it also allows Hergé to do more daring visual experiments. He tries perspective effects with staircases, and allows himself depths of field, especially at an underground base Manitoba is no longer responding.from which Michel Gregg would later draw inspiration for the animated film “Tintin and Shark Lagoon”.»

Benoît Mouchart: “The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko allow Hergé to make even more daring visual experiments. He experiments with effects of perspective with staircases, and allows himself depths of field…” Casterman/Hergé/Tintinimaginatio 2023

It is clear that the plots that Hergé has imagined for his albums are much more than a Rouletabille-style novel, a Jules Verne, or even a popular novel. The five sous from Lavarède Written by Paul Devoy and Henri Chabrilat.

check Caricature

in The will of Mr. PumpIn the guise of Hergé, extravagant, speed-obsessed billionaire Mr. Pump conjures the famous Howard Hughes, aviation tycoon and legendary businessman. © Casterman / Hergé / Tintinimaginatio 2023

Among the five episodes produced between 1936 and 1957, in which we come across many fashionable references, Benoît Mouschaert makes no secret of his unconditional passion for Le Testament de M.

Since the beginning of this circular adventure, Deshifer is the author ofUnder the clear line“, We meet a profligate, speed-crazy billionaire named Mr. Pump. The latter, of course, evokes the famous Howard Hughes, aviation tycoon and legendary businessman. But if we take a step back, we realize that Hergé is exercising a scathing satire on American Tellurism, that famous “time is money” in the form of frantic capitalism … and finally this Mr. Pump who reminds us more of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos !»

What we notice above all is Hergé’s startling modernity. With this integration it is as if we have discovered a missing piece of the great puzzle of Hergé’s work. Benoit Muchart concludes. The adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko are more naive and more melodramatic, but also more exciting and free. They haven’t aged a bit! “

Jo, Zette, and Jocko: Integrated, by Hergé, 272 p. Casterman Editions. 30 euros.



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