Wireless devices, drills… These everyday objects were originally invented for space missions


Laure Dautriche, edited by Ophélie Artaud

With the Artemis mission still underway and NASA preparing to conquer Mars, the reasons why astronauts go to space remain abstract to many people. However, many of the things we use every day were invented thanks to the technologies used in space missions.

Back to moon, Mars exploration… This may sound abstract, however, each mission brings its share of innovations. Among these discoveries imagined there, some have come down to earth and accompany you in your daily life.

Osteoporosis solutions

Cordless devices, drills and vacuum cleaners were born with the Apollo missions, when it was necessary to invent a tool for taking chunks of rock on the moon, without having an electrical outlet at hand. Memory foam mattresses are made from the same materials as rocket seats, and were invented to relieve pressure during takeoff. But research, in particular in International Space Stationalso made it possible to find solutions againstOsteoporosis.

“You know quite simply, when you walk, you have little bumps on your heels, and that, through fairly complex mechanisms in the human body, triggers bone formation. So we could develop small systems that allow you to tap the heels of bedridden people to regenerate the skeleton and reduce Osteoporosis problems, ”explains Lionel Suchet, deputy director general of the National Center for Space Studies. The space station is also a laboratory for thinking of ways to slow aging, as the body ages in space in an accelerated manner.


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