What Is Numerology? Discover More

what is numerology

So you are probably here because you are keen to find out what numerology is. Have you ever noticed that certain numbers keep recurring in your life; such as house and street numbers, apartment numbers, phone numbers, license numbers, bank account numbers, and so on? Do certain numbers seem to have a certain appeal to you? When you doodle absent-mindedly, do you seem to draw certain numbers? Have you ever felt that certain numbers seem to be good luck for you, while others seem to draw misfortune?

If so, you have actually been tuning in to a basic psychic ability to sense cosmic vibrations, which are the basic units of force, underlying all changes and evolution in this Universe, of which you are an integral part. Yes, you really are!!! Numbers play a very important part in determining what you are, and what part you came to play, in the drama of Creation, unfolding and expanding Its’ Consciousness.


So, what is Numerology, anyway?


Through the ancient, occult science of Numerology, it is possible to find exactly what numbers are important to you, and what numbers will be fortunate for you. By knowing these numbers, you can best learn to use your abilities, charms, and your personality, to create a rich, fulfilling life for yourself. Isn’t that what you really want????

As you know, you, and, all life forms, are part of The Whole, which is an Infinite, but ever-expanding, ever-changing Consciousness of Love, in it’s the purest form. The cosmic plane is where ALL life forms exist and evolve. Your lifetime here, on the physical plane, is just one cycle, or incarnation, through which you are seeking perfection, balance, and unity with The All That Is. What you are now, is the sum total of all your experiences, and how you have reacted to them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your subconscious mind contains a complete record of absolutely everything that you have experienced, but you may not be able to access it consciously. Your experiences in your past lifetimes are a great determining factor as to what will happen in this one.

A numerology reading uses this metaphysical premise to break down the letters in your name, and the numbers in your birth date, into a simplified system of numbers. The translation of those numbers in your name is used to analyze your past experiences on the cosmic plane, what your personality is within this physical plane and the tools you have at your disposal to move through this incarnation. The birth date information is used to predict your destiny, or life path, within the present physical plane. As your chart is prepared, guidance from angels and guides is incorporated into the final reading.

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