‘What a snub, shame on you’: Carla Bruni slammed after commenting on the status of a garbage collector


Carla Bruni at the Christian Dior Spring/Summer Fashion Week show. (Paris, January 23, 2023.) Julian De Rosa

Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife was divided, commenting on a post by MP Clementine Otaine. The latter shared on its networks the passage of a garbage collector named Brahim Sidibe to a JT from TF1, who was invited to talk about pension reform.

Carla Bruni Was she really enjoying the status of a French garbage collector? On Thursday, March 16, a comment from the former first lady under the post of France’s deputy Insoumise Clémentine Autain left many netizens speechless. The latter had shared on their social networks a series of passages by Brahim Sidibe, a garbage collector who called on the set of 20 hours of TF1 to talk about the burning topic of pension reform, which had been irritating France for several weeks.

“I’m a garbage collector. I’ve been doing this job for 13 years, and for eight years I’ve been in the back of the dumpster (…) I can tell you the work we do is excruciating work,” he says in the sequence. And to add: “We have unfit mates and some of them have never even reached retirement age, so I tell you, if it goes up to 64, I’ll call that a fix killer.” A touching testimony that would have made Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife laugh. “Hahaha,” she replied, accompanying her message with so many emotions.

“You are embarrassing”

Where the reactions abound under his comment. “So where is the respect?” “,” Excuse me? Excuse me? What is the reason for your laughter? You are uncomfortable “,” Get off the pedestal, it’s urgent … “,” You are vomiting “,” Can we read. If some still hope to be a translator someone told me She was the victim of a hack, the latter posting several videos in the wake of her message, suggesting that she was actually authored. Carla Bruni has not yet responded to the criticism.

In the video Carla Bruni sings “My Raymond”, a declaration of love for Nicolas Sarkozy


For several weeks, demonstrators have been demonstrating in several regions of France to protest the pension reform proposed by Emmanuel Macron and his government. This proposes (gradually) to postpone the statutory retirement age to 64 by 2030. He raised, Thursday, March 16, Article 49.3 to pass its text without a vote of MPs.



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