So what are these weight loss myths that you need to know. Well, Questions on how to lose weight are asked everyday. Answers can’t be missing daily too. Whether they’re right or wrong, they can’t miss. One trick I know about getting money is selling a solution, especially if the problem in that case is a common one. With that, the doctor (the one who sells the solution) can be on demand and consequently get fast money. Can you see that? I hope you can.

We should beware of fraudsters. They never care about your health or pocket. They just want to see you open your wallet and get them something little for “what they have done you.” They have caused you some damage of course!

Narrowing down, myths about how to lose weight are in the public domain. I know you might heard of one or two of them. Those who tell lies on how to lose weight only tell you that since they know that is the information you wanted to hear, so that you can trade it with money. Today, I want to enlighten you about these myths. I want you to get what you want only in the right way. Here I disclose to you the 9 most common weight loss myths, some of which actually look true. Also check more posts on our site

1. All Foods Labelled “Weight Loss Friendly’ Actually Are

Many products on the market claim to be having low fat content and to be weight loss friendly. You have to be careful. There are marketing strategies and they can leave us damaged if we aren’t keen. The producers only care about pleasing you with information to make you surrender and buy their products.

So, my point here is that you should not just consider any food claiming to cut down your weight for a purchase. You might even end up gaining more weight.

2. Including Fats In Your Diet Cause Weight Gain

Let me tell you something today in case you never knew. What causes weight gain is eating more energy into the body than you use that energy. I mean that for example, if you eat 20 kilo joules today and use only 15, you gain some amount of weight. Please take note of the fact that this applies, regardless of whether you ate fats, carbs or protein. However, it is also important to know that the type of fats you eat also have an impact on your health. Choose wisely.

3. Eat Less And Exercise More To Lose Weight

Another BIG lie. It is true that losing weight is all about using more energy than you eat. That does not come automatically if you reduce the amount of food you eat. The above is purely mathematical but does not take into account the biological factors. Someone may eat less but has taken in food rich in energy. That alone disqualifies the above claim. Don’t be fooled.

4. There Exists Foods With The Magical Ability To Burn Body Fat

Certainly, such foods don’t actually exist. So me claims have it that grapes can do it. That can’t just be proved and has not been proved either. The best way to lose body weight is doing achievable exercise and adjusting your diet in the best recommended manner. No magic works here.

5. Fast Weight Loss Exists

From mow on, no one should even try to convince you that you can lose some 5 lbs in just a week. Never will that happen. Weight loss takes some time. One will only tell you that so that he/she can make you use their moethos of losing weight which might even be a lie.

6. Don’t Drink While Eating

Drinking while eating jasno problem. I know where the problem is. Drinking too much kilojoule-heavy fluids like the alcoholic beverages has been proved to increase body weight significantly. NOT drinking while eating. That even improves digestion. You probably know that.

7. There Is A Diet That If You Follow, You Lose Weight

This is confusing. It is true that dieters lose weight in the short run. I don’t refuse. However, studies have always proved that 85% of those that lose weight through restricting their diet, gain it back again in less than a year. How important is that then?

8. That Obese Individuals Are All Unhealthy As All Thin People Are Healthy

Not at all. I know of very many obese individuals who enjoy very healthy lives, with good metabolic health.

It is however true that obese people are at risk of getting some chronic diseases including the type II diabetes. There are also many thin people that suffer from heart attack and the type II diabetes. Contracting such diseases depends on where that extra fat is accommodated. So? Such an argument is only an overlook.


Some of these weight loss myths must have left you surprised I know. It is because those who come up with them also know what you want to hear and how they will confuse you to believe their allegations. I hope you won’t be fooled anymore. Don’t wait to learn from your own experience. Stay informed.