So what are the best ways to lose belly fat that you can start it right now. Of course you must have realized that burning fat in some of our body parts like the chest and arms yield far much quicker results than with our belly. That’s why I call it “stubborn belly fat”. I don’t want to go further into the details of why such fat is stubborn. The story can prove to be too long. But the fact relies on the presence of alpha receptors, which are also known to be “resistant” receptors found in the belly fat cells. Read on…

However much stubborn the belly fat is, I have rummaged through everywhere and left no stone unturned in search of these 10 clever ways of losing that stubborn belly fat. If you are still with me, you are lucky, and if you are determined to read on, you are luckier. Read on to the end and put things into reality if you will not damage that fat and lose a good number of pounds.

1. Swap Your Exercises

There are sure exercises to lose that belly fat. I don’t deny that. Do the exercises but you have to mix. Your body is made in such a way that it gets used to something if you do it more often. If you stick to one exercise, you will lose that stubborn belly fat, but only during the initial periods. Later, you will plateau as the body will recognize that exercise as a normal thing it experiences daily.

2. Take More Water

Yes, water does it. First, upon taking water, you feel more energetic than before and this way you can do more exercises to lose belly fat. Again, studies have proven that taking 1.5 litres of water daily will boost your metabolism by around 30%. That is not the news. Taking a half a litre also reduces your weight by around 44%.

3. Lay Off Alcohol

It has been proven that excess intake of alcohol leads to weight gain, which is most commonly caused by belly fat accumulation. This is because alcohol is kilojoule-heavy. I am talking about avoiding it and not taking little amounts because I know it is addictive.

Moreover, alcohol will make you be “out of control” and you cannot even perform the recommended exercises.

4. Have Quality Sleep

Quality sleep enhances the production of hormones. We all know of many hormones important to our bodies. Take an example of the leptin hormone, which dicyates when we should stop eating. Without it, we cannot even be able to implement point #7 and 8, which are equally critical in losing belly fat.

5. Munch On Your Proteins

Don’t be cheated that proteins will lead to gaining more weight. Who can even prove that? No one. I’m sure! What stands is that around 30% of calories present in each gram of proteins are usually burned to energy during digestion. This is beter compared to about 8% burned in every gram of carbs. Do some math and see how good proteins prove to be.

6. Don’t Be Fooled To Diet

I will recite this even a zillion times. Dieting doesn’t help you lose weight properly! What stands as a fact is that maintaining that diet will fail at one point. Yes! I have seen many fail of course. And you should remember that the moment you stop sticking to that diet, the moment you start gaining back weight! What I can advise in this regard is that one should be focused! Hope you understand that.

7. Be Careful With Packed Foods

More often, marketing strategies are deceiving. Businessmen and women are pursuing the sole interest of making money. In that regard, you can choose to be in the company of your doctor, or ask friends to help you take the right packed food.

8. Take Track Of Your Calories Intake

It is well known that losing weight is a matter of using more energy than you consume. If you are able to determine or estimate the quantity of energy you take in and the quantity you use a day, you are far much well off. You can create that deficit so well and that can help you lose the desired amount of fat in the belly.

9. Try The Jumping Rope Exercise

This is one of the simplest exercises that will have your belly fat flee away even without you noticing it. It is a common but very important exercise to lose belly fat. You only have to do it on an upright posture and tighten your muscles in the process. You will like this for sure.

10. Eat More Fat

This can sound awkward, especially when you consider that it is the same fat that we want to eradicate. Look at this: do you consider that your body will not feel the need to amass more fat if you are already taking more? Of course yes! Coupled up with some exercises, you will be losing more fat than you gain. It has been proven that avoiding fats will not automatically prevent you from gaining more belly fat and eating more of it will neither make you have more.


so we have gone through the best ways to lose belly fat and It was just as simple as that. Change your lifestyle and adopt some of tg above and you will certainly lose a great deal of that stubborn belly fat in just a few weeks. Good luck!