Waris Punjab de | Police ‘move’ against supporter Khalistan Amritpal Singh, 6, arresting Amritpal fleeing from the site. Navaparat (New India)


Amrit Pal Singh
Pic: social media

New Delhi. According to a big news from Punjab, Today Police have taken a big action against Amritpal Singh here. According to the information received, today the police have arrested 6 associates of Amritpal Singh. This arrest was made at Shahkot Malasia in Jalandhar, while information is being received that Amritpal Singh himself has fled the scene in a third vehicle. Amritpal Singh is currently being pursued by Police forces and he may also be arrested soon.

In fact, the police had information that Khalsa and Hare were to be taken out from Shahkot Malasyan in Jalandhar on behalf of Amritpal Singh. A large number of supporters were gathering at Gurdwara Sahib.

Such information is also received and now Amritpal Singh can be arrested at any time. In fact, a heavy police force has been chasing Amritpal Singh’s motorcade since this morning. When the convoy arrived near Mahatpur, the police surrounded it on all sides and detained six of its escorts in two vehicles.

However, Amritpal Singh fled the scene in his Mercedes. According to reports received, the police have also recovered a large amount of weapons from Amritpal Singh’s aides. Remarkably, at present 3 cases have been registered against Amritpal Singh. Two of these are at Ajnala Police Station. The police had been preparing to arrest him for a long time.


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