United State. Donald Trump arrested soon? Here is what Justice reprimands the former president


Donald Trump Will he become the first former US president to be criminally charged? Apparently, the billionaire himself fears it. This Saturday, he confirmed on his social network Truth Social thatHe was scheduled to be “arrested” on Tuesday before a possible indictment. We explain to you what justice accuses him of.

In 2016, two weeks before the presidential election, it was won by the Republican against the Democrat Hillary ClintonDonald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is paying former **** star Stormy Daniels $130,000. But the case only flared up in 2018, when Stormy Daniels, whose real name Stephanie Clifford goes, claimed she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump twelve years ago.

alleged bribes

The payment would have helped buy his silence and thus not harm candidate Trump. For his part, Donald Trump has always denied any connection with Stormy Daniels.

Since then, Michael Cohen, who has become one of Donald Trump’s worst enemies, has been sentenced to three years in prison, mainly for having orchestrated this payment in violation of campaign finance laws. He confirmed that he acted at the express request of the Republican candidate, who was going to replace him once he reached the White House.

The payment to Stormy Daniels, which is legal in itself, is problematic because the New York Attorney General’s Office, which led the investigation, considers it to be a hidden donation to the president’s campaign, in violation of election finance laws.

“witch hunt”

New York prosecutors heard from Michael Cohen last week and Stormy Daniels on Wednesday. Signs and rumors have multiplied since then of a possible criminal indictment of Donald Trump by a grand jury A body of citizens with broad investigative powers to confirm the indictment At this point the investigation is led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, an elected judge and Democrat.

according to The New York TimesDonald Trump may be charged with misdemeanor accounting misrepresentation to conceal payment to Stormy Daniels. These charges can escalate and become criminal if prosecutors believe the crime was intended to cover up a violation of campaign finance rules.

Following the revelations, the former president last week decried a “political witch hunt aimed at bringing down the candidate at the top of the Republican Party (and that) by far” to 2024 Presidential Primary Election. On Saturday, he called for demonstrations against his arrest. in 2020, convinced that the 2020 election has been “stolen” from him Joe BidenHe had already called on his supporters to mobilize before January 6, 2021, fueling the political crisis that culminated with His supporters assaulted the Capitol buildingWhere Congress sits.

If Donald Trump does indeed become the first former US president to be criminally indicted, it could complicate his race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. But “by making the indictment by a Democratic Manhattan attorney general a sign of an endless witch-hunt against him could Ironically, Donald Trump is strengthening his “anti-system” stance in the Republican primaries, according to the analytics on Twitter American political historian Corentin Sellin.


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