TV audiences: “Capitaine Marleau” is leading on France 2, ahead of TF 1’s “Palmashow”.


Chappa is always tight on top of it, Corinne Masiero – pseudonym Captain Marlowe – once again dazzle the viewers. According to the Médamétrie website “La Der des ders”, broadcast on Friday March 17, 5.63 million followers have been interested, representing no less than 29.2% of the audience watching television, giving France 2 a strong first place.

To achieve this, Muhaqiq al-Shti can count on the invaluable presence of Ivan Atal in the role of lawyer. Last week, the public channel had already established itself thanks to the rebroadcast of “Le Crime suits him well”, with Claudia Tagbo and Helen Seuzaret, followed by 3.8 million followers (19.5% share of the audience).

(far) behind, “Tonight it is palmashow ’, shown on TF 1, enjoyed by 3.24 million people (16.1% PDA). Parody experts Gregoire Ludig and David Marsais, accompanied by guests funnier than each other, signed one of their best performances out there. In this game, they give a performance Better than last week’s Camille Kombal, host of “The Foresti Family” on “A Golden Family”: The show received 2.4 million curious viewers (14.1% PDA).

Arte and France 3 both reached 1 million

(Further), the topic “Research apartment or house” for previous participants, in M ​​6, piqued the interest of 1.45 million hobbyists (7.7% PDA). It is much less than a re-broadcast “Aries family”That still delivered 2.3 million visitors (12.8% PDA) last week.

At the foot of the podium (but above the iconic bar of 1 million viewers), we find “Jack” by Edvard Berger, which pulled in 1.05 million fans (5.3% PDA) on Arte, and “Planet of the Apes: Dominion”broadcast on France 3, which attracted 1.01 million fans (5.7% PDA, a score slightly higher than its predecessor, which is explained by the duration of the film).


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