Tunisia: Kamal Faki, Minister of the Interior


The governor of Tunisia, Kamel al-Fiqi, is a close friend of the president Kais SaiedThe Presidency of the Republic announced the appointment of the Minister of the Interior to succeed the influential Tawfiq Sharaf al-Din. The presidency issued two decrees, the first ending the duties of Tawfiq Sharaf al-Din, and the second appointing Kamel al-Fiqi as head of the interior, the presidency said in a press release, on Friday night and Saturday.

Tawfiq Charafeddine, 54, in his position since October 2021, announced to the press on Friday that he had asked Kais Saied to end his duties. Tawfiq Sharaf Al-Din’s wife and mother of their three children died in June 2022 following a fire caused by a gas leak in their home. “The time has come for me to dedicate myself to this responsibility you have left to me.”Tawfiq Sharaf Al-Din added

This former lawyer was one of the pillars of the electoral campaign that led Kais Saied to the presidency in 2019. The new interior minister, Kamal al-Feki, is also close to President Saied. This former finance ministry executive is a law school graduate and has held the position of governor of Tunisia since the end of 2021.



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