Tunisia: Interior Minister Taoufik Charafeddine, who is close to Kais Saied, announces his resignation


He is very close to President Kais Saied, who moves away. Interior Minister Tawfiq Charafeddine, one of the trusted men of the head of state, Kais Saied, announced on Friday, during a press conference, that he was leaving his post. He indicated that this decision was taken the previous day after consultation with the President of the Republic of Tunisia. controversial lately.

Influential Tunisian Interior Minister Taoufik Charafeddine, who is close to President Kais Saied, announced his resignation on Friday, saying he wanted to devote himself to his children after the death of his wife last year.

In office since October 2021, Sharaf El-Din, 54, told the press that he had asked the head of state to end his duties and “thanked him for his understanding and for his authorization to relieve me of my responsibilities in the Ministry of Interior.”

The wife of the former Interior Minister and mother of their three children died in June 2022 following a fire caused by a gas leak in their home.


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