You have fortunately landed on the right blog, if you want some tricks to lose weight fast in the most effective way. For me, I call them tricks as they are actually able to wash away those extra pounds in a cool manner.

The following 15 tricks actually catalyze weight loss and resultantly make you lose weight in a short period that will leave you perplexed. If you take several of them and include in your routine, I promise you the results that lead the leading results you might imagine of. Here is the list.

1. Cut Some Meals In Half

Mark that I said some. They include potatoes, rice and bread too. They have a lot of calories in them. Do not reduce vegetables. They are extra healthy. They have lower concentrations of calories too. Consider including them in your diet. You need them.

2. Say No To The Elevator

Substituting the elevator with climbing up the stairs helps you burn calories. A good estimation has it that a minute of climbing upstairs each day can help you lose a pound a week. That is a good deal.

3. Stand Up Straight

The effect of this is tightening your ab. This way, you are applying pressure to the fats hence you burn them. If your culture is bending, change as you are only ceating more room for the fats. It will help you.

4. Make Cardio A Routine-30 Minutes Daily

I don’t think if cardio exercises like simply walking can be hard to do daily. The simple cardio exercises will help you burn more calories than you could have done without the exercises.

5. Squats And Situps

These are a chosen pair of exercises that will help you tighten your butt and lose weight as a result. As well, they help you tone your legs and butt.

6. Drink Water

Water helps us feel full. That feeling restricts us not to eat much. That can help us take in fewer calories. It has no calories too and that is important.

7. Don’t Starve Yourself

If losing weight has got you to this end, think again. It won’t work for you I promise you. Look, there are so many ways that this can be proved. Let me talk of only one. Starving yourself leads to stress, which increases the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is well known for increasing belly fat. That is weight gain.

8. Wear A Belt

You must have heard of the belly belts that train the belly. That pressure alone is telling you to stop eating more, when you are full. You can reduce the calories you consume.

9. Vitamin C

If your body has no sufficient amounts of this vitamin, fat burning will be hindered. According to a finding by Arizona State University, with good amounts of vitamin C in the body, coupled up with exercise, helps burn 30% more fat than without.

10. Take Caffeine

Take caffeine and prefer the green tea better. Research has it that green tea increases metabolism thereby helping you burn fat. That is not enough, coffee protects us from Alzheimer’s disease.

11. Start Eating With Soup

Soup is a liquid. Liquids satisfy us faster than anything else. If you start with it before taking the main meal, you will not only consume fewer calories, but you will also feel satisfied and that helps control calorie intake.

12. Any Exercise Is Better Than None

This should be your policy. Any exercise ups your heart rate and that helps you burn extra calories each time, than if you sat there iddling. I hope all exercises do not go against your neighbor’s right.

13. Use Smaller Glasses-If You Have To Take Wine

This is meant to control the amount of wine you will take. Practically, it is easy to take more wine when using bigger and larger glasses. Wine has mega calories and that’s why if you have to take it, you have also to reduce the amount if your goal is losing weight.

14. Train With Your Favorite Music

Some workouts aren’t just easy to do without motivation. If you are jogging up the hill, for example, you may use some earphones for your best song to keep going. It can make you jog for longer and lose more calories.

15. Take Vitamin D

There exists evidence from studies conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2007, that weight gained by an individual during winter can be lost during summer if the individual has good loads of vitamin D.


So we have gone through some of the best tricks to lose weight fast and promise me you are not going to let such a rare and golden opportunity go at a waste. If you practice one or two, you will realise the importance of a smile. Waiting for your gratitude. Good luck friend!