Toulouse residents reforest land to prevent a massive housing project


In music, against the background of the accordion, they replant trees and shrubs (oak, maple, hazelnut) in a field in the Paleficat district of Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) to protest against a project they considered “outdated” at the time Global Warming. About sixty residents and supporters of Le Bocage collective otherwise It has been reforested This Saturday, March 18th, this land owned by Toulouse Métropole and intended for the construction of 13,000 housing units. Peaceful and agrarian action to denounce one of the agglomeration’s largest estate operations in this piece of country, wedged between L’Union and Launaguet.

“For fifteen years, the land has been bought, and the farmers have confiscated 120 hectares of land in which more than 15,000 inhabitants will live, the equivalent of the city of Guillac,” asserts Hervé Le Floch, spokesman for the Le Bocage Autre group which has about forty members. We don’t want Another city of residence, which we did not hear during the consultation phase of this project called Bocage Habité.By planting trees, we are recreating the grocery area to create a neighborhood that responds to a real agricultural question. »

Nearly 200 trees were planted on Saturday morning, aligned to protect every plot of crop between farms. Native species were favored, but also Mediterranean plants more adapted to drought and exotic plants such as acacias and lilacs.

The developer of the real estate project, Oppidea, plans to build 500,000 square meters of housing over the next fifteen to twenty years, starting in 2025. Approximately 60,000 square meters of public facilities should also see the light of day, as well as 50,000 square meters of activities. shops and services.


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