If you are trying to stick to a healthy life and cleanse your body from the toxins and other unwanted components, you probably already know how important detoxification is. Without proper detoxification, all of the unwanted toxins that you ingest during the day will end up in the fat cells.

That can lead to health problems like obesity, which is why you should clean your body on regular basis. Of course, this doesn’t require any difficult or expensive treatments. Instead, simply drinking the right mixtures can go a long way when it comes to keeping you healthy. In fact, we have prepared top 5 detox drinks for weight loss and also are great for detoxification. Let’s check them out!


1. Water


Water is the best way to cleanse yourself and keep your body strong and hydrated. It will keep your organs clean, and it will help them work properly.

About six glasses every day should be more than enough to stay healthy and hydrated at all times. Of course, you can spice it up with different ingredients to increase the effects.

Those might include apple cider, lemon, ginger, cucumber, grapefruit, or even cinnamon! Experiment a bit, and find what works best with you.

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2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

When it comes to losing weight, cranberry is a very good way to go. According to some, it can even slow down the aging process a bit, and it is known far and wide for its anti-obesity qualities. You can easily make your own juice with some water and a cup of cranberries. You can even manipulate its taste by adding extra ingredients like honey, in order to add some extra sweetness, if you prefer it that way.


3. Carrot, Orange And Ginger Cocktail

Carrot, Orange And Ginger Cocktail

Naturally, these ingredients will make one very orange-looking drink. However, it will be incredibly healthy and good for your body and immune system. The drink is full of vitamins, where vitamins C and A are dominating. Your cholesterol will go down, while your body will be heavily detoxified. Not only that, but your hair and nails will visibly improve as well.


4. Green Cocktail

Green Cocktail

If you like mixing lots of ingredients together and making yourself healthy elixirs, then this will be the perfect drink for you. It is a very good detox drink, and it includes a lot of green. You can mix cucumber, spinach, ginger, zucchini, celery, and even apples and lemon, just to give it some extra boost. Try it out!

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5. Apple Drink

Apple Drink

As you might have noticed, apples mix in a lot of different drinks, which is a pretty good confirmation of how healthy they are. So basically, you can make yourself a pretty great detox drink by using only them. It doesn’t matter if it is green or red, simply mix it with some water and perhaps a bit of lime, and wave that extra weight goodbye.




These top 5 detox drinks for weight loss are a great way to keep your body healthy without any extra effort, and you can find a lot of great recipes by exploring online. Not only that, but you can even try and make some of your own. Mix what you like, and see how it goes.