Toned abs are a pride so what are these toned abs workout that you need to follow. Well, You must have heard someone praising the much spoken of “six pack”. You don’t have to go to the shop and purchase it. In fact, let me say we all have well-toned abs, but we aren’t just making efforts to get rid of their lid so that they can be visible. How then do we “remove that lid” so that we can get the muscular and toned abs? I am about to answer that question. Read on…

Exercise, along with a recommended diet forms the best way to get toned abs. For you to achieve the desired core strength, give a try to the following exercises. Apart from just toning your abs, you will lose a good load of fats and get to be flexible and stronger. That is why they shook my fists too.

1. Hollow Rocks

Lie face-down on the floor with tour arms stretched overhead and legs extended right in your front. Raise your upper body off the ground using your core while keeping the lower portion of your back in touch with the floor. You should make sure that your arms are kept straight and behind your head. Your toes should stay pointed away from you.

Hollow your belly by engaging your abs. Round your back a bit in the process. Now lift your legs from the floor qhile raising your shoulders. This pulls you back towards the ground. Lastly, as you keep your whole body firm, rock forward and backwards as your body is in that hollow pose.

2. Bird Dogs

Take the posture of a dog, knees under hips and forelimbs right under your shoulders. As you stretch your right leg behind you, also stretch the left arm forward. Slowly swing the extended limbs up and down, taking care not to interfere with the straight posture of your back. Now tighten your abs and glutes and return your limbs to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat the process again and again.

3. Abdominal Hold

On a stable chair, have a seat at its edge and place your palms too at the edge of the chair with your fingers pointing back at your knees. Now strengthen (tighten) your abs as you lift your feet (about 3 inches) off the floor. Lift your whole torso off the chair, using your hands as you tighten your abs. Stay in that pose for at least 5 seconds. Go back to the original position and repeat the exercise with an aim to complete a minute.

4. Prone Plank

Set yourself down in the pushup position. Keep your palms on the floor and below your shoulders. Lift your torso off the floor a bit, with your toes supporting you from the lower end. Stay in this position for around a half a minute and see if you can proceed to hold for a whole minute.

5. Burpees

Simply squat low and place your arms on the floor but in front of you. As you stress your abs, kick back your feet so that you find yourself in the pushup pose. Do one pushup and immediately kick back your legs to the squatting pose. Jump once. Get back to the squatting pose and repeat the whole process again and again until you are tired.

6. Oblique v-ups

Lie on your right with the legs and hips meeting at 30 degrees. Have two dumbbells on both hands an keep the arms at your ears. Now lift your legs and trunk towards one another. Contract your oblique muscles while you also keep your legs stretched straight. Complete the v-up and return to the original pose. Repeat again and more.

7. Mountain Climbers

Set yourself in a pushup position. Now bring one of your knees towards your chest. Return it and do the same with the other knee too. Those is not to be done slowly. Fasten the move as quickly as you can achieve. The quicker you are, the more the effect for proper abs toning.

8. The Cobra

Lie prone on an exercise mat, keeping your palms near chest. Lift all your chest, shoulder and head from the floor as you pull down your shoulder blades together. Two counts are enough when you hold in that position. If you do 10, you are well off. Gain strength and nett time, lift also your thighs and hips.


No venture, no gain. Don’t keep such critical information in the pocket. Take it out and use it to make your belly look impeccable- not a hair out of its place. I am waiting to see whether you are grateful, but only after you have put things into practice and got toned abs. I want to see them. Good luck anyway.