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Victoria April is currently performing at the Antoine Theater in Paris, at
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S. Desjars, S. Theebaut, L. Harper, G. Liaboeuf

France 2

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Victoria April is currently performing at the Théâtre Antoine in Paris in “Drôle de genre”. Meet the actress.

Victoria April He is currently starring in the play kind funny at the Antoine Theater (Paris), where she plays a mutant. “They’re a couple in love, they’re going broke because of their prostate,” summarize. “It is a social feature, an identity, but it is a kind of poem, a call for tolerance.”Adds the actress to qualify the play From Factory to Happiness.

New career in music and cinema

She also looks back on her dual career in France and Spain. “In Spain I am a dramatic actress, I started at the age of 14, I did most of the dramas. And in France I started my comedy career”explains Victoria April. Having credited roles in all the annals of cinema, she turned to music and theater in her forties. Instead of being embittered by more work, I became the happiest woman in the northern hemisphere.and concluded.


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