The war in Ukraine: Kiev announces new attacks by Iranian-made drones


On Saturday, the Ukrainian military said that its country was the target of a night attack by Iranian-made drones. Eleven of the 16 drones were “destroyed,” the military says, but others “bombed buildings” without causing any casualties.

“Russian invaders attacked Ukraine with Iranian drones,” the Ukrainian Air Force said in a statement broadcast on Telegram on Saturday. Drones have been “destroyed” and the military notes that the victims should not be denounced.

Around 9 pm on March 17, 2023, the Russian invaders Ukraine attacked with attack drones The Ukrainian Air Force said the Shahed-131/131 was an Iranian-made suicide bomber.

The army said that 11 out of 16 drones were “destroyed”. the attacks It added that it was launched from the Sea of ​​Azov and from the Russian region of Bryansk, which borders Ukraine to the north.

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Damage, but no injuries

region group (West), was particularly targeted. “Around one o’clock in the morning, our region was attacked by Shahed-136 suicide drones,” said the district governor, Maxim Kozitsky. He added that three drones were shot down, and three other planes hit “non-residential buildings” in the Yavorev area, causing damage but no injuries.

And in the Dnipro region (southeast), the air defense shot down three drones, according to the head of the regional council, Mykola Lukashuk. Two others touched a critical infrastructure In Novomoskovsk, north of Dnipro, “caused a fire and significant damage”: four houses were destroyed and six others were damaged, but without causing any casualties, he said.

Russia, which launched an invasion of Ukraine just over a year ago, has regularly bombed the country’s infrastructure, depriving residents of electricity and water.

The city administration said on social media that the drones fired at Kiev were destroyed “all” by “our air defense forces”, without causing any injuries or damage.


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