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Russian forces announced the killing of more than 300 soldiers, and the destruction of weapons and ammunition stores in the area of ​​the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. Moscow classified the “Russian Freedom Corps” organization, which includes Russian volunteers fighting alongside Ukraine, as a “terrorist” group.

Killing 300 soldiers

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Friday, that the losses of the Ukrainian forces within 24 hours exceeded 300 soldiers, and stores of weapons and ammunition and dozens of military vehicles were destroyed in the direction of Kobyansk, Krasno-Lyman, Donetsk, southern Donetsk, Zaporizhya, and Kherson, and Russian forces also destroyed a radar system. American-made anti-batteries, howitzers of various models, and 14 Ukrainian drones.


And in Bakhmut, the focus of fierce fighting in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces confirmed that they are steadfast in the face of Russian attacks on the destroyed city. Reuters correspondents, 1.5 kilometers from the front lines, could hear the constant rumble of artillery and the sound of small arms fire.

Igor, a 36-year-old Ukrainian soldier, told Reuters that Ukrainian forces were subjected to air strikes, mortars and tank shelling.

Honoring the pilots of the “Su-27”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu honored the crew of the Su-27 fighters that intercepted the American drone over the Black Sea and prevented it from violating the Russian borders.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Friday that Shoigu nominated the pilots of the Su-27 fighter, to obtain the “State Medal”, in order to prevent the American “MQ-9 Reaper” drone from violating the special operations area, which is subject to a temporary flight regime against the backdrop of military operations.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a drone was spotted, on Tuesday morning, heading towards the airspace of the Crimean Peninsula. She said that Russian Su-27 fighters took off to identify the object that was flying, noting that the American drone made a sharp maneuver and lost control and height control, which caused it to collide with the sea surface.

Moscow announced the designation of the “Russian Freedom Corps”, which includes Russian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine, as a “terrorist” group. This designation bans the organization’s activities in Russia, and puts its members and supporters at risk of severe penalties, up to life imprisonment.

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement that the Supreme Court issued the designation at his request. He added that the organization seeks to “undermine the constitutional foundations of Russia and overthrow the power in the country, including by launching terrorist acts.” Freedom.” (Agencies)



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