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Your Life Path number is one of the most important numbers in your numerology chart. It is by definition the path you are walking on during the course of your lifetime and represents your character and natural abilities. The path you chose the day you were born to personify your life lessons and what you came here to learn in this lifetime. This number is read by numerologists as what you are and, picking up from what you were doing before you were born (reincarnation), your birth brought you to this moment in time ready to start on a new path to continue the journey and to continue to evolve.

the life path

Your Life Path is the biggest adventure of your life and is a long, meandering and eventful journey that represents all the opportunities you have at your disposal as well as the challenges and the lessons you came here to learn and overcome. Your Life Path also reveals certain qualities, characteristics and fundamental traits and paints a portrait of who you are. This single-digit number, based solely on your date of birth, is your birth force and is a source of energy that you can depend and draw upon as your source of power.

The Life Path number can be used as a gauge to identify vocations that would be suitable for you because this number reveals your abilities and what you are best fitted to do. So you can use it to help plan your future.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

To calculate your life path, begin by adding up the reduced numbers of your birth month, day of your birth and the year of your birth. Please note that the exception to this rule is with Master Numbers 11 and 22. So birthdays in

November (the 11th month) or birthdays on the 11th or 22nd, or sum totals of numbers 11 or 22 are not converted to single digits.

Example 1 birthday on 3-11-2002
(3 + 11 + 4 = 18 =
1 + 8) = 9
 Life Path

Example 2 birthday on 3-31-1948
(3 + 4 + 22 = 29 = 2 + 9) = 11 
Life Path

Example 3 birthday on 7-18-1950
(7 + 9 + 6 = 22 
Life Path


THE 1 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to initiate; to lead the way and to be large and in charge! You are very individualistic and both desire and demand your independence. The need for personal attainment gets you where you want to be. Your challenge is not to overtake or step on others in your quest for attainment in your drive for self-actualization.

The 1 Career Number – Entrepreneur, life coach, motivational guru, business owner, independent contractor, inventor, pioneer, sales managers, consultants, executive, explorer, politician, musician, television or the radio producers, military expert, police officers, anything to do with government institutions.

THE 2 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to learn the art of cooperation and diplomacy! You are the peacemaker and the solutions person. You are the mediator with excellent diplomatic qualities and you prefer gentle persuasion rather than all-out brute force! Your challenge in life is to not let others overpower you and to learn how to stand up for yourself.
The 2 Career Number – Negotiator, mediator, diplomat, healer, counsellor, teacher, psychic, librarian, legislator, architecture, advertising, agriculture, industrial design, fashion, life coach.

THE 3 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to communicate and create. Self-expression is necessary for happiness. You are a social butterfly and love parties or any kind of social activity. Your challenge in life is not to scatter your energies and to focus, focus, focus. Also, it’s important not to let your emotions overcome and take over when you are hurt by sarcastic or negative comments.

The 3 Career Number – Comedian, actor, actress, entertainer, artist, musician, voice coach, cosmetologists, estheticians, daycare director, beauty supply owner, teacher, philosopher, writer, author, photographer.

The 4 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to learn to be practical and solid. You are the pillar of society. The problem solver and the natural genius for planning, fixing or building. You are extremely trustworthy and down-to-earth! 4’s love numbers and details. Your challenge in life is to be more flexible and to be less rigid and stuck in conventional thinking.

The 4 Career Number – Financial Analyst, Banker, CPA, accountant, numerologist, architect, draftsperson, mechanic, undertaker, chemist, laboratory technician, engineer, mechanical engineer, gardener, landscaper, horticulturist, manager, community manager, efficiency expert.

THE 5 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to motivate others and experience freedom. You are witty, adventurous and resourceful. You love to travel and are the great explorer, but can be a bit of a wanderer. The key to your success is a license to do as you desire – within reason. Your challenge is to learn to reign in your restless energy, be more content and control your impulsive tendencies.

The 5 Career Number– Pilot, stewardess, travel agent, self-employed, owner of airliners or planes, researcher, detective, publisher, playwright, TV or radio personality, actor, actress, interpreter, import-export dealer, antique dealer.

THE 6 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to learn responsibility! You are the healer, the nurturer and the guidepost for protection and healing. You are the ultimate parent, friend or lover and you came in with a desire for a domestic role in this lifetime with a need to take care of those you are responsible for. Your challenge though is not to be a doormat and taken advantage of or to interfere in the lives of others. Know your limits and boundaries.

The 6 Career Number– Life Coach, healer, doctor, nurse, host or hostess, homemaker, cosmetologist, esthetician, dressmaker, designer, fashion expert, musician, perfumer, incense chemist, herbalist, marriage counsellor, divorce attorney, nanny, musician.

THE 7 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to seek Knowledge! You are the seeker of faith and you have the gift to analyze situations very quickly and accurately. You are fascinated with the mysteries of life, including both spiritual and religious doctrines. Your challenge in life is to not to shut yourself off from others or to isolate, but to learn to let others in so they can know and understand you. Strive to be less pessimistic and secretive.

The 7 Career Number – Investigator, philosopher, priest, nun, pastor, psychic, or psychic investigator, astrologer, researcher, dentist, farmer, lawyer, photographer.

THE 8 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to learn to handle money, financial issues, authority and power. You came here to learn the art of business and the handling of your financial affairs. If anyone is resourceful, it’s the 8 Life Path. You know how to direct and coordinate any kind of business endeavour and most certainly know how to control and take command of any situation. Your challenge is to learn to be more patient and learn to listen to others without being overbearing and intolerant.

The 8 Career Number – Banker, broker, investor, financier, stock trader, athlete, film and television producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, actor, actress, filmmaker, musician, life coach, athletic coach.

THE 9 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to be more understanding and compassionate of others! You are the humanitarian who came here to help those less fortunate. You do possess an abundance of strong feelings for those who are in need, coupled with a strong sense of compassion and generosity. Your strength is through service to others.  Your challenge is to see the bigger picture and to learn that giving is satisfying and selflessness is a virtue. It’s also learning to strike a balance between giving and receiving.

The 9 Career Number – Philosopher, humanitarian, healer, scientist, doctor, nurse, diplomat, priest, spiritual healer, spiritual leader, pastor, musician, astrologer, healing arts practitioner.

THE 11 LIFE PATH entered this life plane to be inspirational. You are like a light bulb illuminating others and all things in your wake. You must realize and live up to the full potential that the 11 Life Path affords by recognizing your healing and perceptive capabilities. The challenge is, that since you are so sensitive and have psychic abilities, there is a tendency to be over-sensitive. You must learn to stay calm, centred and balanced during times of stress. Recognize and honour your nervous energy but reign in your tendency to go out of control with your emotions.

The 11 Career Number – Inspirational writer, astrologer, numerologist, professional metaphysical healer, astronomer, astronaut, promoter, life coach, teacher, metaphysician, electronics expert, Navy Seal, border patrol.

THE 22 LIFE PATH entered this life plane a born genius and an advanced soul. You are a powerful force and have the ability to achieve things on a grand scale and the term master builder is often attached to the traits of a 22 life path which is an intense vibration. You have a heightened sense of awareness of what is right and wrong in the world and want to share your gifts of compassion, insights and hope with others. Your challenge is to recognize this potential within you and balance your inner needs with your outer needs. It’s the Universal Law of “As within, so without.” Love yourself, love the world.

The 22 Career Number – Ambassador, Humanity For Habitat leader, leader of global enterprises, NATO leader, public servant, treaty expert, President, politician, school superintendent,

“God gave us the gift of life. It is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well” – Voltaire

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