The husband left, the lover drove her into prostitution, and the body of the actress, who is traveling in a luxury car, is taken away in a rickshaw


Mumbai: Actress Femi is such a name in the film industry, whose journey in Bollywood was very short, but in a short span of time, she achieved wealth, fame, and success. The actress very quickly touched heights and quickly disappeared from everyone’s eyes. Today hardly anyone remembers his name, but there was a time when he dominated the film industry. At one point, Vimi was so dominant in Bollywood that everyone was eager to catch a glimpse of her. But Femi’s life was full of ups and downs.

There was such turmoil in Femi’s life that she was lost in the pages of oblivion. When Vimi entered Bollywood, she was already married with two children. Even after that, she became an overnight star. Vimmi was one of the famous Bollywood actresses who worked with Sunil Dutt to Shashi Kapoor, Raj Kumar in her time. The last time for Vimi, who tasted stardom, was very painful. Success in his life came and went like moonlight for four days.

My first movie was Humraj, through which I became a star. After that she appeared in movies like Vachan, Aabru and Patanga. It is said that even in the 1960s, Femi used to charge a fee of 3 lakh. But it would be difficult for anyone to imagine how his life could have gone under worse conditions. After her separation from her husband, the person with whom Femi wanted to spend her life became addicted to alcohol and because of this addiction pushed the actress towards prostitution.

In such a situation, Femi’s career is ruined in 10 years and she is forced to spend her life alone. Femi’s death was worse than her life. At the age of 34, Femi became seriously ill and was admitted to the general ward of the hospital due to financial constraints. When Femi died, there was no one to carry her coffin and no one to take her to the crematorium. In such a situation, the body of Femi, who had been traveling in luxury cars, was taken to the crematorium by being kept in a rickshaw. Let me tell you, Femi came to the movies with the help of her husband. Her husband was a famous industrialist of that era, whose name was Shiv Agarwal.

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