The “General Table” appreciates the achievements of the Sunni teams


Mutasim Abdullah (Dubai)
The General Assembly of the Table Tennis Association, during its regular meeting in Dubai, valued the achievements of the national teams during the past period, in addition to adopting the minutes of the previous meeting, and the federation’s administrative, financial and technical reports, in addition to discussing the proposals received from the clubs according to the statute.
Ibrahim Al-Assam, Vice President of the Table Federation, presided over the general meeting, in the presence of Hassan Al Zarouni, Secretary General, Ahmed Al Bahr, Assistant Secretary General, Abdul Rahman Al Menhali, Financial Director, Faisal Al Kaabi, Member of the Board of Directors, and Majd Al Balushi, Member of the Council and Head of the Women’s Committee, along with 12 clubs out of 17 representing the strength of the General Assembly. .
The most prominent achievements of the teams, which were reviewed in the general assembly, included the player Youssef Al-Hawai winning the silver of the Tunisian International Junior Championship and the bronze of the Georgian International Junior Championship, and the junior and junior team winning 7 colored medals in the West Asian Championship in Jordan, in addition to the arrival of three players from the team, they are Rashid Saeed , Nasser Al-Marri, Muhammad Al-Musaybi, to the classification of the best 20 players in the world in the under-11 cubs category at the beginning of the current year 2023.
The General Assembly referred the club’s proposals to the Federation’s Technical Committee for further study, and the most prominent proposals included the Sharjah Club’s request to cancel the resident category for competitions under 14 years old, with the aim of strengthening the base of national players, defining the requirements for transfers of the resident players category, and giving players a rest period to perform prayers in competitions of the two categories. men and youth.
The most prominent proposals of Al-Nasr Club included increasing the number of individual tournaments for all categories, allocating encouragement prizes for players and clubs, an award for the general shield for clubs, and prizes for the best for coaches and players, while Al-Taawun Club proposed organizing international courses for coaches, increasing the number of buds stage tournaments, and supporting the federation for clubs with tools, tables and floors. Niche.



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