The exhibition “Joan Miró, Ultimate Reality” at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao attempts to unravel the mystery of the Catalan artist


A guided tour of this exhibition is offered until May 26 in Bilbao (Spain), accompanied by the curator.

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Painting by Miro in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (France 3)

Forty years after his death, Joan Miró’s art has lost none of its mysterious seduction. The Catalan artist’s work continues to be admired because its pictorial language has marked the history of art. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao It looks at a crucial period for Joan Miró that began with his first trip to Paris in the 1920s. He was then 27 years old when he abandoned realism for fantasy. Joan Miró abandons portraits and landscapes to develop his own language with floating, enigmatic figures. Miro He does not try to imitate reality, he does not paint a real man, woman or bird, but rather the idea of ​​a woman, man, bird or star. I think this is the pinnacle of his language.” explains curator Enrique Juncosa.

Miro Gallery at the Guggenheim Bilbao
France 3 Aquitaine E. Clerc / E. Galerne / R. Violet

The show traces the path of the remarkable soul

So the boundaries of Miro’s new world will be drawn in the City of Light between 1920 and 1945. During his stay in Paris, the painter meets the great poets of his time such as Aragonese or André Breton who made his art evolve towards a dreamlike world. grasshopper which he painted in 1925 would be among the first paintings that would mark a turning point in his output. Mysticism, visions and dreams fascinated Miro who was also interested in spirituality. “Here, all of the paintings have the word night in their title but it’s white, which seems contradictory. I think it refers to the night light, another kind of light, spiritual light.”continues the curator. The inner and outer worlds now constitute only one ultimate reality. Joan Miró Gallerythe absolute truth So he explores a key period in his career marked by a steady stream of ideas, from raw magical realism to the personal vocabulary of a floating constellation or signs, against an ambiguous background.

In the 1940s, she was a witch horoscopes From his starry sky shows the pinnacle of his career. These works mark a turning point in the way Miro perfected his writing with the feeling of reaching a very high level of poetry. After the Parisian period, around 1947, Joan Miro’s fame in the arts world began.

“Joan Miro. The Ultimate Reality. Paris, 1920-1945” at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao until May 28, 2023


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