The Enchanting Elephant on Netflix: A sweet tale for little ones


In Peter’s land, the city has lost its shimmering colors and the clouds deeply hide the blue of the sky and the rays of the sun. Life is not so happy for the little orphan who is taken in by a gruff old soldier who does not mean mean but who attends him as if he were in the barracks. So when a soothsayer pitches her tent in the market square, the boy does not hesitate for a moment: he, very wise, steals a coin and asks if it is his younger sister Adel, from whom he was separated when only the infant was still living. “Find the elephant and the magician,” this mysterious woman replies…and we set off on a crazy adventure full of good feelings and twists and turns.

An adaptation of the children’s novel by American writer Kate DiCamillo, which featured a male lead, and was published online on Friday. Netflixthe Animation The “Charming Elephant” must seduce younger than 5 years old. Because it is not enough to find the animal, it must also be freed. Peter will have to perform three impossible tasks, such as robbing or striking the most powerful knight in the kingdom with a sword.

All components of a fairy tale come together. The story takes place in the Middle Ages with a beautiful mixed-race princess who is always sad and a young, slightly crazy king who is going to challenge Peter. Of course, the elephant is charming, and without it, no dream is possible. Even if this feature film lacks originality and if all the scenes are predictable, you won’t get bored and its visual sweetness will be good for the whole family.

Editor’s note:

charming elephant », American animated feature film by Wendy Rogers based on the novel by Kate DiCamillo (1 hour 39 minutes). on Netflix. from 5 years.


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