The Dauphiné real estate fair takes place from March 24-26 at Alpexpo. Real Estate: The market has rebounded nicely in the Grenoble region


After two years of all the old problems with nearly 1.2 million transactions in France in 2021 and 1.13 million in 2022, the real estate market is on a more uneven path in 2023.

“In Isère, it is still dynamic and particularly resistant in terms of prices. Jean-Paul Girard, President of the National Confederation of Real Estate (Fnaim) 38. This slowdown also affects new real estate.

between rising prices and credit rates , it becomes more difficult to find a home. And the wear rate and ceiling (including insurance and miscellaneous costs) set by the Bank of France to protect borrowers deter some buyers because of their age and the cost of insuring loans, for example. Thus it can be difficult to borrow more than 20 when you are over 50.

“This blockage is incomprehensible to someone who has the means to buy. For sellers too,” notes Alan Skwernik, director of Avicap Agencies, which specializes in mortgage brokerage.

Fewer first time buyers

Buying in a smaller size or postponing your purchase until you build a personal contribution can be a solution, “especially for first-time buyers, because the total budget needed for the acquisition of real estate has increased”, confirms Clément Faure, real estate advisor at IAD in the Grenoble region. Yu

An increase related to prices and borrowing rates. Even if it remains below the averages observed in the larger cities of the Alpine arc, the average price in older properties in Grenoble, for example, rose by 6.3% in one year and 25.8% in five years to reach €2,894 per square metre. on February 1, according to FNAIM. So when the average price in the old Reaching 4,594 euros per square meter in Monbuonneau, 4,760 euros in Saint-Ismere or 5,333 euros in Biviers, the market is almost unavailable to first-time buyers.

“In Grisevodan, we see very few of them. The budgets are very high, ”confirms Pascal Amalric, director of the Comptoir Immobilier de France agencies in Bernin, Milan, Grenoble and soon Voiron.

Yes the house but not for restoration!

If buyers are struggling more to raise the cash to buy, home prices, real estate that’s been hotly sought after since the health crisis, are still high. “Before Covid, you could find homes for €350,000 in Voironnais, today they’re worth more than €420,000 to €450,000. Some go up to €550,000 or even €650,000,” notes Natasha Debra Morhein, real estate advisor at IAD.

Their prices have also gone up in Grisiphodan. “We have a lot of trouble making buyers happy with budgets under €500,000,” notes his colleague Séverine Jacquier. She also has a high volume of requests for a 121m2 terraced house in Crawls. In good condition it was sold for €478,000 without negotiation.

“On the other hand, houses to be renovated are discounted today. People don’t dare to buy them. Between the increase in the price of materials and the shortage of craftsmen, a business budget of 50,000 euros can quickly reach 80,000 euros,” confirms Natasha Debra-Moorhein.

Dauphine Libre Real Estate Gallery

March 24, 25 and 26 in Alpexpo Grenoble.

Saturday and Friday from 10 am to 7 pm; Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

free entry.

Promoters: Edifim, Eiffage, SD Access, Atelier Groll, Valrim, Isalis, Blain Promotion, HC Residences

Builders: MCA, Demeures des Alpes, Maisons Tip Top, Builders of Today, Maisons Liberté

> Media: Avicap

Marketer: Neufissimo

> Real estate agencies: I-Particular, Comptoir Immobilier de France, Stéphane Plaza, Keller Williams Revolution, IAD

> Trade Union Chamber: Fanaim 38

> Contractor: Infinity

Kitchen Designer: Cuisine Plus Saint-Égrève

Affordable group housing is possible

In the new group housing, rising credit and price rates also put an end to the buying impulses of some buyers. “But the customers’ enthusiasm hasn’t changed,” says Gregory Gröll, director of Atelier Gröll in Sassenage. If the prices of some programs had to be revised upwards, such as the residence for Horatio which he is building in Voreppe in two phases, the promoter was able to fill ensuing withdrawals with new bookings.

Other projects will be able to start, such as the residences Le Ricochet in Meylan (average price of 4,300 euros per square metre) or Nestor in Sassenage (3,600 euros per square metre). In the Renaud Blain promotion in Grenoble, we also fight to reduce additional costs and start operations, such as the Le Karat residence in Voiron (4,200 euros per square metre) or the Républic’Home in Échirolles (3,800 euros per square metre). “At the moment we are doing well,” says Renault Plain.

Same story with SD’access, which launches Folia, a Real Solidarity Rental Program (BRS) in Voreppe with an average price of €2,500 per square metre. Subject to resource caps, this formula is more affordable for buying buildings independent of the land, as is housing sold for rental access (PSLA) or social joining.

“The good news is, the PTZ loan remains subject to an N-2 resource level and not to the income received on the date the loan offer was issued, as would have been expected. This would have excluded young people from professional development,” adds Cecile Eroles, Director of Isalis. Another player in the affordable housing space. Softer prices, safe buying paths… These promoters attract many first time buyers. “But not only,” Delphine Gonzalez, Director of SD’access confirms, because 5% of our clients are rental investors. »


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