The conspiratorial sphere, an awkward ally in the fight against child crime


A person wears a QAnon vest during a pro-Trump rally in New York City on October 3, 2020.

“Being a sponsor of Child Protection Society is a commitment, values ​​and seriousness. It does not give echo to the campaign of conspiracy theories that serve the cause. Cyril Hanouneh is no longer one of our sponsors. Thank you for the journey you have taken together”And Written, Wednesday, March 14 On Twitter, Laurent Boyet, president of the anti-violence against children association Les Papillons.

This announcement of the separation follows statements made by former drug trafficker Gerard Faury and columnist Miriam Palumba, on March 9, on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. When asked about the addiction of comedian Pierre Palmede, Mr. Faure mentioned “Maybe the Adrenochrome Story”.

This molecule results from the oxidation of adrenalineIt is a hormone made by the human body, touted in Atmosphere as a powerful mind-altering, anti-aging elixir. Then Miriam Palumba explained that fans of adrenochrome indulged in it “child sacrifice” To get some, without Cyril Hanoun responding to these assurances.

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Mass disappearances of children, sex trafficking of minors, ritual sacrifices … Countless stories circulate, especially in conspiratorial circles, about what the ethnologist Véronique Campion-Vincent describes as a figure “child of prey”.

Rumors naming political opponents

Child Crime a Reality: INTERPOL Database lists 14,500 child offenders and 32,700 child victims of sexual exploitation in 68 countries. But a conspiracy snatches her up, calling in powerful high-level networks that exploit millions of kidnapped children.

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Supporters The American Conspiracy QAnon Movement They are convinced that there is a global sex trafficking network that they run “Suspicious elites”Like billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros or former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The appearance appears in 2016 with pizzagate rumored that a pizzeria in Washington was home to a child crime syndicate that included Democratic leaders. In April 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, another story emerged: the supposed discovery of 100,000 children and corpses in the tunnel Connecting the Clinton Foundation to New York Harbor. At the end of 2021, it is the turn of the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Bidento be charged pedophile tendencies by supporters of his Republican rival, Donald Trump.

The French adherents of these theses have found an ambassador in the person of former animator Carl Zero, author of the 2022 documentary. 1 out of 5And Title referring to the estimated percentage of minors who are victims of sexual assault in France. “The advantage of asking real questions and highlighting what we’re not talking about”insists Laurent Bouyet, while distancing himself from Carl Zero when he takes several overly typical interpretations of conspiracy theories, based on“Strange Celebrations” and imagined secret organizations. “It wouldn’t take much for him to turn on the wrong side.”warns the president of the Les Papillons association.

These rumors fight less against acts of pedagogy than against specific adversaries. “If we consider that the conspiracy aims to demonize the enemy, we cannot just say that Macron or Biden are bad, we have to create a form of extreme corruption.”analyzes Sebastien Diguez, researcher at the Laboratory of Cognitive and Neurosciences at the University of Friborg and author of the book Believes. Why faith is not what we believe (Elliott Editions, 2022).

Accusations fueled by various facts

These accusations have long been the domain of anti-Semitic literature. The idea of ​​ritual sacrifices for Christian children appears in the twelfth centuryH century in England. Indestructible, legend will cause deadly carnage To Post-WWII Poland. Jews have been particularly targeted with stories of children who have bled. But we find the myth of innocent people being sacrificed everywhere.Remember Veronique Campion-Vincent? Similar rumors targeted, for example, Christians in the Roman Empire.

the world

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In contemporary fiction, these accusations feed above all on the news. In Europe, they thrive on the memory of the Dutroux case, which exposed the shortcomings of justice and society in the fight against bedcrime. In the United States, the country of origin of QAnon, dating back to the 1980s, high-profile cases of missing children mixed with a wave of rumors of Satanic rituals in foster homes. There is still the notion that millions of American children are kidnapped each year (in fact, about fifty) and minors are exploited in occult ceremonies.

Contemporary plot has made him a central element, going so far as to create the concept of a “young spy”, who would have to be freed from underground places where they are being held en masse. The smallest news, whether it is an amazing volcano eruption or the blockage of the Suez Canal by shipping since whenin 2021, as an attempt to free these imprisoned children. We went from one extreme to the other, from denial to obsession., sums up Veronique Campion-Vincent. Even weirder: In July 2021, American online furniture seller WayFair was accused by thousands of QAnons of selling underage sex slaves in wardrobes.

Associations intrusive

The pedophile plot novels, though sloppy and addictive, have many interests, Sebastien Diegues, in particular, notes the feminization of society, while allowing his followers to see themselves as heroes at little cost.. In the fictional QAnon, in which President Donald Trump would set up a Pentagon task force to molest children, the conspirators present themselves as “digital soldiers” invested in a mission of justice.

This is what associations blame for conspiratorial rhetoric. On the one hand, he seeks attention: Canadian researcher Marc-Andre Argentino has identified “114 groups that present themselves as fighting child trafficking but are in fact dominated by QAnon content.” By his calculations, the membership of these online groups increased thirtyfold between July and the end of September 2020. In 2021, they were able to appropriate the hashtag “Save the Children” (“Save the Children”). link with the same name lamented there ” confusion ” I was born.

On the other hand, conspiracy theories recreate a caricatured and distorted picture of child criminality. Far from theories imagined a sophisticated network in the hands of a cartel of powerful project preoccupied leaders, In the vast majority of cases (94%)Sexual offenders are part of the victim’s family circle. In a quarter of cases, they themselves are minor. Finally, all social backgrounds are concerned.

Viewed from this perspective, QAnon’s fiction draws attention to a problem as much as it distracts from its reality. “No victim has ever told me about being a victim in the course of the celebrationsinsists Laurent Bouillon. IWe are Real violence in the family or in the world of sports. Maybe real demonic networks exist, I don’t know. But I know where the real violence is. »


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