Suddenly 30 passengers on a Sri Lankan flight arrive at the local baggage claim area, noises at the airport


Biel spokesperson:On Friday (March 17), there was sudden chaos at Bangalore International Airport. From CISF deployed in security to immigration officials, their hands and feet have been swollen. In fact, 30 passengers on an international flight from Sri Lanka arrived at the airport’s domestic baggage claim. From where it was easy for them to get out of the airport.

In fact, she has also featured in the front at Bengaluru International Airport. Passengers arriving from an international flight were sent to a separate baggage counter. Because all agencies arrive there alert. Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) issued a statement on the matter on Friday (March 17). which was said to have been human error. Let’s find out what the whole thing is?

How did the passengers of the SriLankan flight reach the local baggage counter?

In fact, a flight from Sri Lanka arrived at Bengaluru Airport on Friday. 30 passengers of SriLankan Airlines Flight UL 173 have reached the baggage counter of the domestic flights. Concerning this incident, Biel issued a statement saying that these passengers were dropped off at the gate of buses for domestic flights by mistake, while they were supposed to be dropped off at the gate of buses arriving for international flights.

For this reason, these passengers went to the local baggage claim area. However, CISF staff and immigration officials along with the station’s operations team were immediately alerted. The passengers were then immediately brought to the international immigration arrivals area. The passengers then proceeded to the international baggage claim area and collected their baggage. On behalf of BIAL, it was said that it was human error, because of which some confusion has spread and steps are being taken to correct it. In fact, foreign travelers can easily exit the airport from this area without any investigation. However, due to vigilance, this could not happen.

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