Ready for strength training workout.Some call it “weight lifting”, “some “resistance training”, and others, like me, simply call it “strength training”. Whichever the name, strength training is intended for weight loss, increasing your body’s resistance, and building you a significant mass of muscles to make you look presentable.

These can translate to a lot other benefits. For example, studies have confirmed that strength training reduces the chances of getting hurt in sports, if you happen to be a sportsman. That’s not the news.

The best choice of a strength training routine has for long remained a story ~ much said than done. Today, in this article, I’ve got the mother of all strength training routines for weight loss. It is a 15-minute plan. Have a look at it and don’t let this weight loss opportunity go without you exploring it.

1. Plank Shoulder Taps


Get set in the plank position, supporting yourself on your hands and toes. Ensure that your hands are directly below your shoulders. Make sure that the line from your head to heels, via butt, is a straight one. Keep your feet distanced a hip width apart. Now, lean to the right side and slowly try lifting your left arm to touch your right shoulder. Good!

Do the same with the right arm to the left shoulder. Good! Always do the reps within a second’s interval. Try doing this without getting up for one minute. Stop. Take a minute rest. Go for another, and another minute. Rear again for a minute and move on for the next exercise.

2. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift


Your hamstrings and hips are the parts involved in this move. Kindly start off with a relatively light weight, then move to a heavier one as you get stronger. This will prevent your muscles from getting fatigued.

Hold a kettlebell with both your hands and between your legs, slightly bending. Take a wider stance than you could have taken in a regular dead lift exercise to achieve a better balance. Straighten your legs, but without changing the angle of your trunk.

Once that’s done, push your hips through to straighten yourself up. That’s one rep. Keep doing the reps for a minute, followed by a minute’s rest, until the end of 5 minutes, the last minute being of a rest.

3. Bow And Arrow

Start by lying face-down on the ground or on a mat. Extend tour legs back to achieve a straight posture. While squeezing through your flutes, lift your legs off the ground. While doing this, keep your head in line with your spine and extend both hands together in your front. Also lift your chest a bit using your muscles in your lower back.

Next, direct your right arms towards the left, maintain in the position for a while, then do the same to the right and maintain again in the pose. Keep repeating it, to the left, then right, holding in each move, for a minute. Rest for another minute. Repeat, aiming at five minutes.


That was only 15 minutes of strength training for weight loss. You’ll not find any other one like this. Explore the opportunity, get stronger, leaner, and healthier than you’ve ever been.

Good lick.