Stones are harmful to the kidneys, but these three diseases lead to dialysis, and as soon as these signs appear, the kidneys are examined



Since covid, the number of kidney patients has increased.
High blood pressure and diabetes cause kidney disease.

college: Kidney means that the kidneys are an important part of our body and they do a very important job in the body. The kidneys remove by-products made by the body, excess water, and many types of infectious elements found in the blood. It sends secondary kidney metabolites to the bladder, where they are excreted from the body through urine. Apart from this, the kidneys also maintain balanced levels of pH, salt, and potassium in the body. Besides, the kidneys also produce many kinds of chemicals, which control the development of the pulse and hemoglobin.

According to health experts, the kidneys also work to maintain the right balance of vitamin D in the body, which helps in calcium absorption and maintains strong bones and muscles. In such a situation, it is very important for the kidneys to be healthy to maintain a healthy body. If the kidneys are functioning properly, they are able to properly remove the useless things from the body and manufacture such chemicals that help the body to do its job properly.

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Shalimar Bagh, Delhi Max Hospital in Dr. Manoj Arora, Senior Consultant, Department of Nephrology It is said that it is common to have kidney stones, but if the stones remain for a long time, they are harmful. However, there are 3 causes or diseases that cause disease in healthy kidneys and lead to dialysis. The first disease is diabetes or hypoglycemia. When the glucose in the blood is not being used properly, the kidneys have to work harder to filter it. If this continues for years, serious kidney damage may occur and kidney function may be disturbed.

Another disease is blood pressure. High blood pressure also damages the kidneys. Besides blood pressure, if there are diseases caused by it such as heart disease and high cholesterol, it also has a bad effect on the kidneys. High blood pressure can also be a sign of kidney disease.

Dr. says obesity is the third disease. People who are obese or overweight are more likely to suffer from several diseases such as increased blood cholesterol, increased blood sugar, and high blood pressure. All of these can have a bad effect on kidney health. Kidney failure may occur and hemodialysis may occur.

These people should have a kidney examination
Even if you take pain medication regularly, there could be serious damage to your kidneys. Ibuprofen, naprozine, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have adverse effects on kidney health. People taking these medications should have a kidney function test.
Even if you are 60 years old, you must quit KFT.
People with heart disease are more likely to develop kidney disease. These people should continue to have their kidneys checked.
And those who suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure or those who have a history of kidney disease in their family, such people can develop kidney disease.
Obesity is also dangerous for the kidneys. Those whose weight is more than normal, may suffer from kidney disease. These people should have their kidneys checked.
And even if there are kidney stones, there can be kidney problems.

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