Stefan Breitweiser, the Alsatian who dreamed of being Arsene Lupine


Stefan Breitweiser at the Strasbourg Criminal Court, in January 2005, with his lawyer, Thierry Moser. Frederic Florin, AFP

painting A compulsive thief, the kleptomaniac aesthetic became a regular fixture in the courts over the years until his innumerable convictions on Monday.

At first glance, the issue seems very trivial. The Sarjomen Criminal Court sentenced a 51-year-old man, Monday, to 34 months in prison, for a series of Art thefts in several French and German museums. On remand for 22 months, the individual will spend his remaining year using an electronic bracelet. However, this is not the first time he has faced justice. nickname “Arsene Lupine Alsatian”, Stefan Breitweiser has set his sights on several hundred works of art for more than twenty years. An incredible journey that took him from his native village in Haut-Rhin to prison, not without a few detours through a collection of small European museums and a plateau Laurent Roker.

Another take away from this The thief repeated She is, to say the least, heterogeneous. During a search carried out in February 2019 at his home in Marmoutier, investigators accompanied by German police officers fell on a mountain …

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