Sonia Mabrouk: “Why don’t we ever ask a BFMTV journalist if Patrick Drahi is meddling in the editorial line?”


Figaro Live She was invited on Buzz TV to promote her fifth book Sacred restoration (observatory editions), journalist and presenter responded to the attacks on her channel, CNews.

Sacred restorationThis is the fifth and new working title Sonia congratulations, published by Editions Observatory. The journalist tells of her conversion to the sacred. “Sacred is the need to reconnect with what came before and behind usshe explains Friday on Buzz TV.The sacred gives access to a greater self. It doesn’t have to be supernatural and religious“, she adds.

A journalist who interviews politicians every morning on Europe 1 notes that “decentralizationIn our society, which, as she says, dates back to May 68 and this slogan “Forbidden” from “Caused a lot of damage.”Sacred is a bit outdated and is being mocked today. When I talk about it in the media, some paint a throwback as if it were something indecentSonia Mabrouk notes.

During this interview, Sonia Mabrouk also returned to the criticism leveled at her CNews channel where she runs every afternoon and every Sunday on “Grand Meet”. I noticed that every time CNews personalities were invited to a show, they were asked about potential management interventions on the editorial line. “Why don’t we ask the same question to a BFMTV journalist? Shall we ask him, did Mr. Patrick Drahi interfere in his editorial plan?she asks.

and goes on to respond to those contacting CNews.”series of opinionsas Marc-Olivier Fogiel, President of BFMTV. “What is the view? CNews is a news channel. In the two hours of my job, I have two important editorial notes, and I have four news stories. I provide information as well as my guests. We respond perfectly to Teletext specificationsDefending, determined to assume her positions and interventions. “It is a cross-party commitment”, stresses the conclusion on this topic.



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