soccer. Against Nantes, OL continues to lose points


It’s over, with this fifth home draw conceded, Lyon have now given up on qualifying for Europe through the tournament. OL now has 16 points left this season at home!

And on April 5 in Nantes during the Coupe de France semi-final, OL will undoubtedly have to avoid repeating such a hesitant start to the match that featured a triple fault (Tolisso, Caqueret, Lukeba) that allowed Nantes to lead. It was even more damaging as the rest barely offered up their wing for the discussion, OL leading the discussion pretty much (up to 80% possession of the ball). Lacazette’s formula, the prototype even in the gestures of a huge scorer, was only deserved. For the good story, Lacazette has reached the 150th milestone recorded with the OL, surpassing a certain number of Bernard Lacombe. nothing. The Lyon forward was poised to do it again with a header that Lafont (45th) hit.

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2H very slow period

After two yellow cards in front of the Rio goal (Gisand and Mohamed), which happened just after the first half, OL tried to regain control of the match, but it was more delicate. Shirky and Givenho are called to the rescue to try and break the visitor’s lock. Dembélé replaced by Lacazette. OL were playing everything they could to claim their seventh home win of the season in Ligue 1. But there was no imagination.

Nantes fetched the balls fairly well, and this match really kept the uncertainty at bay. Nervous at the end of the match, the Lyon team stopped there, when they probably had the means to win. Sad season.

The technical certificate

in Groupama StadiumOlympique Lyonnais FC Nantes 1-1 (1-1)

The lawn is in good shape 38,880 spectatorsThe arbitrator is Mr. Benoit Millot

Objectives : Lukeba (3rd CSC) for Nantes. Lacazette (24) for OL.

warning Joao Victor (29) in Nantes.

Lions : Rio – Combede, Lovren, Lukiba, Tagliafico – Libinant (Al Aouar 74 then) Tolisso (then Mendes 74) – Barcola, Caqueret (then Cherky 57) Sarr (then Gevinho (58) – Lacazette (then Dembele 64)

Nantes : Lafont – Joao Victor, Balua, Castelletto, Centonones (then Hajam 36) – Sissoko (then Motosami 568), Jiroto – Simon (then Plus 68) Mollet, Gisand (then Corcia 84) – Mohamed (then Delort 68)


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