Are you wondering how to get skinny legs then you are at right place for sure. The real PRIDE in putting on some daisy-dukes or simply pants, is showing off those lean, sexy and shapely gams. Yes! But I know some might argue that it may be all about the beauty of the short. I don’t object. But can you put on beautiful shorts only to realise that your legs attract more attention than the shorts? Not because they’re beautiful, but… Of course NO! Your gorgeous legs should be more conspicuous as compared to the pants you are putting on. You certainly also like it that way I know.

You need to change the nature of your legs so that they can look like those ones you admired last week. I also need to assist you do so. So let’s make a deal. I give you the 8 most effective moves to do so, you give me absolutely nothing but your attention. And if you really want the lean legs, you go a mile further and perform the respective moves to finalize that deal. Without wasting any more time, let’s go…

1. Dumbbell Step Up

The dumbbells step up will align your muscles in an organised pattern to help you get the lean legs you are desperately in need of.

Simply grab two symmetrical dumbells on each of your hands and stand legs hip-width apart in front of a bench. Lift one leg onto the bench and let it rest on the bench by the feet, bent at the knees at 90 degrees. Keep the dumbells hanging from your hands, parallel to the other foot. Now stand on the bench using the foot resting on it, driving the other one aloft. Switch sides and do 30.

2. Lying Dumbbell Legs Curl

Lie face-down on a level bench, keeping your knees at the ends of the bench. Between your feet’s arches, place a dumbells so that it’s bottom half is below your laces. Lower the dumbells slowly, but do not allow your knees to extend beyond control such that you can get hurt. Lift again the dumbells until it comes in line with your knees. Do this exercise with the help of a friend.

3. Alternate-Leg Bound

This appears as if you are running but the difference comes in when you aren’t moving a distance with the Alternate-leg bound.

Step forward using the left leg. Upon that left foot touching the ground, bound off with it, pushing upwards your right knees you power your left hand. Do it several times.

4. Side Lying Lifts

Lie on your side and let your head rest on your bent arm on its side. With legs bent slightly forward, lift the top leg keeping it straight, about two feet upwards hinging from the hips. Simply lower it and do 20 for that leg. Change to the other side and do the same number of lifts and drops to the other leg too.

5. Wall Squat Rolls

Attach a pilates ball at your back in the centre. Stand against a wall, feet moved away from the wall about a foot.

Maintaining tour back against the wall, roll down slowly as you squat. Do not let your knees move past tour ankles once tpu are low. Roll back up again slowly and see if you can repeat the same 10 times.

6. Jog Without Heels Touching The Ground.

Just stand upright and lift up your chest first. Maintaining your chest lifted and your elbows beside you, jog. Make sure you lift your knees as high as possible. Don’t let your heels touch the ground. 60 seconds is the minimum limit of doing this.

7. Rollups

Lie prone on the mat. Keep your legs touching one another and bend your feet so that tour ankles meet. Extend tour arms back past your head. Now uaing your hips as the hinge, bring your hands forward to touch your feet, as you keep them straight and parallel to your legs.

Each time you bring your hands forward, ensure they cross tour feet and that your head touches your knees. Do 10 at least.

8. Static Kettlebell Lunge

This one tenses all the muscles in your legs.

Hold two kettlebells by your sides. Maintain your palms facing back at you (inwards) and your left foot stretched forward. Make your right leg moved 30 inches behind the left to rest on the ball on foot. Keeping your backbone still and constantly facing forward, keep your knees slightly bent.

Now lower your right knee until it is an inch apart with the floor. Next as you push off your front legs, and without letting your knees touch one another, rise. In that position, do two reps.


I’m sure by reading that alone, you are at 60% on your way to getting leaner legs or skinny legs for yourself. You’ve done the most basic part. Now move on and make it complete so that your gams are also admired by others. If they ask you what you did to obtain such legs, you have all the reasons to redirect them back here. Hope you have started. Good luck!