Six Nations Championship: One last blues festival before the World Cup?


Of course we will not be against a new party. after Twickenham Waltz, and St Denis java? Everything seems to be written for that. Welshmen who wear nothing but blood-stained red shirts, even weaker than the English, that is, appear at the Stade de France on Saturday 18 March with withered heads of leeks expecting to pass through the factory.

****s with sharp claws that have already stripped their leaves while whistling A fifteenth of the Thorny Rose (10-53) Under the London rain a week ago, drooling was watering in advance. A party in their lawn to close the tournament, happy fans, a cheering crowd, fans in the sky, it’s beautiful, it’s so proud, it makes you smile, but it’s not an end in itself.

The issue is elsewhere. First of all, it is about trying to find out in these trompe-l’oeil matches whether or not France’s XV has made good progress during a competition that started slowly in Italy (24-29), and complemented by A somewhat worrying setback in Ireland (32-19). Then with barely convincing success against the Scots (32-21).

Because after this tournament, in which they are likely to finish second – unless the Irish collapse in surprise to all at home this Saturday against an English still reeling from their historic defeat -, the Blues are looking forward to the World Cup in France in less than six months. (September 8 – October 28). The supreme goal of the year, the main goal of the state.

To play their role as favorites, to present themselves there as confidently and reassuringly as possible, they must score points, both mathematically and psychologically. The contract executed admirably last season with a demonstration in the fall of 2021 against the All Blacks (40-25) and notably the completed Grand Slam tournament at the end of the following winter. But since then, if the successes continue, with the exception of Ireland on the 11th of February, France XV has seemed less cheerful and less dominant.

Tricolores with Galthié Sauce knew they had to make an impression again. Hence their ruthless squad at Twickenham and their need to start over on Saturday. “Winning in England gave us a lot of satisfaction but there are still a lot of points to improve,” the coach assures. Without any pretension, just by being objective we can play better, with or without the ball. Poor Welsh?


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