Secrets of friendship between men: “A group of friends is an openness to the world. Each is bold to the other.”


What remains, in adulthood, of the strong bonds forged in childhood or adolescence? Explore it in the cinemaAnd In literature, experienced as a vital need, male friendship questions as much as it charms.

Sit side by side watching sports, cars or girls. So goes male friendship, which he sees Jane Fonda. Whereas American sentimentality has always extolled without measure that of women who look each other in the eye, are frankly confident and do not hesitate to show themselves vulnerable. Is it very simple? Are boys so caricatured that they are deprived even of the real feelings of reciprocal affection that is so often woven in adolescence and maintained throughout life?

A witness to his marriage, Richard is the one Barnaby tells everything to. For someone who can “say it all without feeling judged.” And this is 12 years ago. They have 32 today. Barnaby remembers the first day he met his best friend. “We were part of the same swim club. We clicked very quickly. The fact that we weren’t in college together forced us to make efforts to see each other. Today, we’re doing the same thing without being in competition…

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