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If you want to see Whatsapp status without being seen, try these tricks

Whatsapp status feature: The WhatsApp instant messaging app status feature is very interesting. Here you not only put your status, but also see the status of friends, relatives and colleagues. Once you see a user’s status, your name is entered in the “visual list” of that status, so that the user understands that you have viewed their WhatsApp status. But do you know about such a trick, by which you can secretly see the status of any person and the person in front of you will never know that you have checked his status.

For this, you have to take the help of another feature present in WhatsApp itself. In fact, its facilities are provided in the WhatsApp settings. If you disable this feature, your name will never appear in the person’s status list.

What are the settings?

For this, first open WhatsApp on your smartphone. Next, tap on the three dots menu in the upper right corner and go to Settings. Now you will see the Privacy option on the screen. Once you click on it, you will see the option to read the receipt on the screen. If this option is already enabled, turn it off.

From now on you can check the status of any person

After turning it off, whenever you see someone’s status, they will never know that you have seen their status. Although there is an inconvenience in this too. In this, even after applying the status, you will not be able to know who has seen your status. To see who is monitoring your status, you have to keep the Read Receipt option turned on.

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