Saint Gervais. Positive budget budget for 2022


On Wednesday, March 15, the Municipal Council met at the Town Hall to discuss about forty deliberations, most of which relate to the financial report for the year 2022.

In the operating division, the financial year ended with €20,154,260 in expenses. All expenditures of the municipality are under control, in particular personnel expenditures, and are budgeted at €6,127,700 while ultimately amounting to €6,091,411. Operating income amounted to 25,195,225 euros and mainly consisted of income from services in the amount of 1,137,608 euros, taxes and fees of just over 16 million euros, provisions and contributions in the amount of 2,592,992 euros, of which state support (1.23 million euros).

“The evolution of total taxes is due to the increase in construction and population, which leads to an increase in property taxes, has been determined by the mayor, Jean-Marc Pellex. Even without raising rates, …


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