Saint-Etienne. Honey Pony, Dorian’s Square, is already closed


Certainly, Saint-Etienne is not a success for ateliers … A few weeks ago, the high-end fried chicken brand Coco & Rico was opened on Pointe-Cadet Street by two young restaurateurs from Puy-en-Velay, It closed its doors after only four months of existence.

Another restaurant established by Ponots, honey pony Dorian’s Place, recently closed its doors. Sure, that lasted a bit longer, as the sushi and poke specialty brand opened in September 2021, in the former building of Happy Florist.

Another downtown chain that wouldn’t have made old bones is this Piccolo truck People’s Square. This small restaurant specializing in Neapolitan wood-fired pizza opened in May 2022. It closed a few weeks ago. The fame will be auctioned on March 28th.


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