You would have to follow certain rules for weight loss. We live in a fast-paced dynamic world today. During our hectic schedules, many of us live an unhealthy lifestyle – poor diet, lack of sleep, and inadequate exercises. Over time, we completely forget to watch our diet and lifestyle.

If you are overweight, it is not a crime to be heavyset. However, if you are planning to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, here are the 10 golden rules for faster weight loss that will help you reach your goal.

1. Never Fast

Many people falsely believe that fasting or cutting down on the meals will help in losing weight. This is absolutely wrong and can prove to be hazardous sometimes. Fasting allows the body to utilize protein for energy even to the stage of breaking down vital tissues such as muscles and organs.

Excess protein in the body turns to fat and stored. Any fat loss achieved by means of fasting cannot be maintained long enough and once you stop fasting, the possibility of gaining weight is more.

2. Never Skip Breakfast (or any other meal to be precise).

Skipping breakfast is a common tactic for losing weight, but not a smart one. If you skip breakfast, this extends fasting which can increase your body’s insulin response that in turn promotes fat storage and obesity.

On the other hand, skipping meals may help you lose some weigh in the beginning but its bound to backfire in the long run. It is advisable to try and eat 4 to 6 small meals or snacks (healthy snacks), with a gap of 3-5 hours between every meal. It will make you less likely to become hungry in between meals and eating something you shouldn’t be eating.

3. Drink Lots Of Fluids – Especially Water.

Drinking sufficient amounts of water play a very important role in effective weight loss. In fact, water is perhaps the single most important catalyst in reducing weight and keeping it off. Mineral water and diet sodas are the best options of fluids than just water. Try as much as possible to cut out drinks that contain calories.

By drinking at least three liters of water on a daily basis helps boost your metabolism rate. This translates to the body being able to burn off fat quickly and efficiently hence promoting weight loss.

4. Don’t Deprive Yourself

Many of us have a tendency to control our instincts in a conscious effort to burn the fat and lose weight. It is advisable that you enjoy some of your favorite foods in smaller portions, which may be high in calories, infrequently so that you don’t get frustrated and end up gorging.

5. Ensure Low-Fat Consumption In Your Diet

A low-fat diet plan does not necessarily mean a completely fat-free diet. It is about limiting your fat intake by cutting it down into a smaller amount of fat consumption. When coming up with a weight loss diet plan, it is vital to avoid trans fat in your diet. These can be found in packed and processed foods such as potato chips, cookies, pies, pastries etc.

6. Eat Fat Burning Foods

Losing weight by eating foods that help burn excessive fat is the easiest natural way to lose weight.

Some of the best fat burning foods are foods high in quality protein (chicken breast, eggs, grass-fed beef, and more), foods high in healthy fat (such as nuts), foods high in fiber (such as beans and vegetables), foods high in antioxidants (such as most fruits… especially berries), and foods jam-packed with ALL types of nutrients (such as quinoa).

7. Cut Back On Salt And Condiments

Condiments have tons of empty calories, sugar, and other processed stuff. Too much salt cannot only cause high blood pressure and other issues, it can also cause your body to retain water. This will lead to extra weight which is the very thing we are rid of.

8. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Sleep is a vital and a basic need of every human. Without it, you will be powerless and less productive in life. Good sleep promotes better metabolism. Get plenty of rest and try to adjust your sleeping habits. Target at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day so you will have sufficient energy to perform your daily chores.

9. Do High-Intensity Interval Cardio

Low-intensity cardio is good for you. High-intensity cardio is good for you. To lose weight fast, you can do both exercises. This type of workout burns off more fat, takes up less time, and it’s more fun! An example would be you run for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes, and repeat. Of course, you can increase the intensity as your fitness level improves.

10. Stay Motivated And Stay Consistent

In order to stay consistent, you have to stay motivated. In order to stay motivated, you have to be getting results. In order to get results, you have to follow all of those tips above, and especially make sure that you stick with all natural and proven effective metabolism boosting diet (since nutrition is by far the most important part of getting in shape).


So we have gone through all the things now to lose weight by following some interesting rules and if you keep stick to that I can bet you that you are gonna have some amazing results on your side so get up and follow these amazing rules for weight loss now.