Rapper Friz Corleone can perform on Saturday in Rennes, as decided by the Council of State


The Council of State decided: this concert does not present a “certain risk” of causing trouble. Friday evening Enterprise Rennes appeal was denied Who wanted to stop rapper Friz Corleone from performing on stage in the city on Saturday.

On February 28, the mayor of Rennes, Nathalie Abery He had taken a municipal decision to ban the singer from performing It was programmed as part of a festival, highlighting in particular the danger of “disturbing public order” due to lyrics “considered anti-Semitic”. But Corleone-Issa Diacati’s suspension of civil status was raised before the administrative tribunal of Rennes, which suspended the commune’s decree.

The city council immediately announced that it was filing an appeal with the State Council. After hearing the case on Friday, the latter held in his order that it did not result “that holding the judicial concert would give rise to a proven risk of committing an offense likely to undermine respect for human dignity and characterize a disturbance of public order.”

“Words Defending Nazism and Terrorism”

And the Council of State adds: “By issuing the impugned ban order, the mayor of Rennes has seriously, clearly and unlawfully violated the freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of action.”

To justify its ban on the concert, the city of Rennes in particular cited an investigation opened in 2020 into Freeze Corleone for “words deemed anti-Semitic and advocating Nazism and terrorism”. However, “this investigation led to a classification without follow-up a year later on the grounds that the facts (…) had been established,” the State Council confirms.

In addition, “if it follows from the investigation that the rapper Friz Corleone wrote and sang texts, the content of which is not in dispute, that contain passages that refer positively to Nazism and are clearly anti-Semitic in character,” the artist asserts, “these texts are no longer those that constitute His concerts today “and that he will not perform in Rennes,” adds the arrangement.

The rapper is scheduled to take place on March 18 as part of the sold-out “Boomin Festival Rennes” rap festival. A rising number in French rap, Freeze Corleone, was released in September 2020 by Universal Music, which denounced the “unacceptable racist remarks”. On YouTube, his clips have many millions of views.


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